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Issue #19                                    August 23, 2002

              Numerology / Astrology
           Alternatives for a New World

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Editor: Brett Simpson   

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  ==> Culture Article - Tuvan Throat-Singers
  ==> Spirituality Article - Testing Oracle Readings (Part 1)
  ==> Useful Resources For You

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I've finished up the Business Awareness page that many of you 
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Find your specialty, build a life strategy, focus, establish 
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             S P I R I T U A L I T Y
Testing Oracle Readings Yourself         by Brett Simpson

How would you like to know you're getting the best answer from 
your Tarot deck, Runes, or I-Ching reading?  Wouldn't you like 
to know that you're getting an answer that is appropriate for 
you, has meaning and could be useful for helping you make a 

This is exactly how I've felt for years.  Even though I've 
consulted many of these oracles, there have been times where I 
felt that I wasn't sure I was receiving the best information, 
or even that it was close enough for me to accept on a 
personal level.  Now, this is perhaps the most fun I've had in 
a long time, I'm going to let you in on a secret I thought of 
last week on how to get a better idea on the 'readings' I 
was doing for myself, it will help you too.  

Finding a tool for oracular reading, can be a difficult task, 
one that takes a lot of personal, and emotional decision 
making too.   This is a serious question, and one that should 
not be taken lightly.

So, I'm sitting there pondering: how can I test the oracles 
I'm using to be sure they're giving me the right information?   
How can I be sure that it is possible for me to do a reading 
on myself?   Many people believe that it's just not possible 
to do a reading on yourself, or if you do one on yourself, 
that it may not be providing you with 
useful information.  

When you address your inner-self to cast a reading, it's real 
easy to 'get in the way' of what really needs to come through.  
There are many reasons for this, but usually the main reason 
is that you may not have a pure connection to the inner divine-
self aspect of yourself that needs to come through when the 
reading is taking place.  There can be pseudo-aspects of 
yourself getting in the way, or 'the trickster' might just 
like giving you information that is not appropriate at this 

I know this sounds impossible, but I also know from my own 
experience that I've seen this happen many times.  There are 
specific readings for me that just do not work when I try them 
on myself, for example using the pendulum, or divining with 
the use of muscle testing (also called kinesiology).  Why is 
this the case?  Why do they work for others, but not me?  

Determining answers to the last two questions is not that 
easy, but finding out if your oracle reading(s) are working 
for the questions you are asking is something that can be 
easily accomplished.  Here's the trick that I thought of, and 
it seems to work, in fact, I don't know why I didn't think of 
it earlier.   Choose an event, or action that you want to use 
the oracle for that will be coming up in the near future, make 
sure that the event has a sure way of letting you know an 
answer one way or the other - for example, you could choose to 
ask a simple yes/no question such as 'will it rain on 
Saturday?', or even better, because you'll get a richer 
reading would be to ask 'what will the outcome be of a picnic 
on Saturday?'.

Anyway, you get the idea.  Just make sure that you either 
include, or do not include the thing you want to be sure 
about: if you want to know if which oracle is best for reading 
about you and relationships, then you need to ask a question 
related to a relationship that has an answer that will tell 
you if it has been resolved or not - similar to a yes/no. 

The next thing you want to do is prepare your reading space.  
When you read for yourself, it's even more important to clear 
the space and prepare by getting your ego and personality self 
out of the way before going ahead with the reading.  I like to 
light a little sage and sweet grass to clear the space and 
provide a productive/opening environment for the reading to 
take place in.    You can use aromatherapy oils, incense, 
music, and many other methods for accomplishing this.  

Now, gather together the tarot decks, coins or yarrow stalks 
(for I Ching), and runes or other oracles that you want to 
test with and also bring into your space a section of the 
newspaper, just one section, one that has 20-30 pages is best 
depending on the number of oracles you will be testing.  I 
know you're asking, 'what am I doing with the newspaper'?  Let 
me explain the principle.  What you are going to do is do 
several readings for yourself (one for each of the oracles you 
are testing), but without revealing the reading.  You're going 
to do the readings, draw the cards, cast the coins, cast the 
Runes and whatever else is required, but you are not going to 
reveal the answer - I call this a 'predestiny reading'.

How do I do that you ask?   Well, here's the neat part about 
it.   You lay out the newspaper you've gathered by putting it 
on the floor, or a table near you where it will not get 
disturbed until the time required for the event which you are 
reading about has passed.   Lay the newspaper down and then 
open it all the way to the back first, so that the next to the 
last page is the page that would be reading if you were 
reading it.   Now you will start preparing your readings using 
the oracles and as you do this, you will create a new reading, 
or new 'casting', on the newspaper page, and then turn the 
previous page (laying the left hand page over the reading 
cast) and continue on, without actually revealing the cards, 
runes, or without looking at the coins or yarrow stalks (if 
using I Ching).

I hope that is clear, let me give you an example.  I did my 
readings and started with an I Ching reading (which requires 6 
castings of 3 coins for each cast).   I cast the 3 coins one 
time (directly onto the newspaper), and then without looking 
at the coins I quickly turned the previous page (from left to 
right) so that a new blank page was available to me where I 
could cast 3 more coins and then turn that previous page, etc, 
until I've completed an entire reading.  

You will need to prepare ahead of time, with the I Ching, if 
you are casting coins you're going to need 18 coins (6 casts, 
with 3 coins in each).  With Tarot or Runes you won't need 
anything other than the decks/Runes you have.   After I 
finished with the I Ching reading, I went on to the next 
oracle (the Runes), and did a Rune cast on the next empty page 
in the newspaper, turning the previous page on the left over 
the top of the Rune cast without even turning the Runes over 
to go on to the next reading.

I continued this way with four more readings: these involved 
different tarot and divination decks that I like to use.  I'll 
cover the decks I used and how they turned out for me in the 
next issue.   I think you can see the value in using this 
method for determining which decks and oracles work best for 
you.    All that is left to do is to leave the newspaper where 
it is for a period of days to pass when the object you were 
asking about has passed.  If you're asking about whether it 
will rain on Saturday or not, just leave the readings sit 
until Sunday morning, then wander over to your newspaper with 
some apprehension and excitement and start turning over the 
cards, or revealing the Runes, or I Ching casts and recording 
the reading as you normally would in your journal. 

The next step involves analyzing the outcome of these readings 
to determine which of them provided you with the best answer 
for the question you had asked.   Did one method provide you 
with a useful answer, but in such a cryptic or metaphoric 
language that you couldn't understand it?    If so, it may be 
time to move on to the next reading, or try a different method 
or card deck.  By comparing the outcomes of these readings and 
recording them in a journal you'll get a good feel for which 
readings type of reading(s) work best for any question.

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                C U L T U R E
Tuvan Throat-Singers                     by Brett Simpson

Wow!  I just have to tell you about this incredible new music 
I found recently.  A friend of mine told me she had found a 
movie with this interesting 'throat singing' in it.  

I thought I had heard of this vaguely, but I wasn't sure, so 
when we went down to the store, picked up a few discs and I 
heard it for the first time - it was love at first hearing!  
The sounds coming from these throats is beyond description.

The sounds I'm talking about are produced by a technique 
called throat-singing in which the singers are able to produce 
2, 3 even 4 notes (or overtones) by constricting their vocal 
cords.   What you hear is a sound that resonates deep in the 
archetypal memory.  A sound that flows like running water - in 
fact the singers began using this technique to simulate the 
sounds of nature.

The singing originated in Tuva, a tiny country in Mongolia, 
but it's popularity spread considerably in the mid to late 
1980's/1990's with it's rediscovery by Richard Feynman, the 
noted physicist and Paul Pena a blues singer who is known for 
writing the song 'Jet Airliner' which Steve Miller turned into 
a hit.

Feynman reopened this Pandora's box in the 1980's when he 
mentioned to his friends 'what ever happened to Tannu-Tuva'.   
He used to collect stamps from the world and he remembered 
these colorful and unique triangle/diamonds from the country, 
now known as Tuva.  Tuva is populated by nomadic horsemen who 
are descendants of the great Genghis Kahn.

When he formed 'Friends of Tuva' Feynman started to introduce 
others to this amazing culture, which are known for their 
shamanic practices of divination using sheep bone dice, and 
their distinctly musical culture which features the amazing 

Paul Pena a blues singer from the USA came across the culture 
from a different route - in search of the singers he heard on 
his short wave radio one night as it made it's way through the 
atmosphere all the way from Siberia.    Mourning the loss of 
his wife, Pena longed to learn how to sing these notes: both 
the high spirited tones, and the gutsy growl known as Kargyraa 
style which was used as a model for the voice of Popeye.  They 
also sing in a high pitched overtone voice (Sygyt).  Overall 
there are 6 main styles, but the important thing is how 
incredible it sounds, especially the styles where 3 or 
more notes are sung simultaneously.

The singing can be heard on many CD's, though musically I find 
the most listenable tracks are when the Tuvan singing is 
combined with Western singing and instrumentation.  The CD's 
that feature these best also happen to feature the world 
champion (UNESCO competition) Sygyt style Tuvan throat-singer 
Kongar-ol Ondar.  

The first CD is a fascinating collaboration between Ondar and 
several popular western singers including Willie Nelson and 
Randy Scruggs.  The disc is powerful, incredible and wistful 
all at the same time.  

Covering all the Tuvan styles as well as a bonus 12 minute 
track that discusses the styles of throat singing with 
examples, this CD is a must have.  From the first track on, I 
can guarantee you'll be captivated by the singing of these 
Tuvan and American singers.  Featuring mostly Tuvan singing 
(both folk, as well as throat-singing), the CD intersperses 
jaw-harp, Feynman stories (from recordings) and even Tuvan 
tongue twisters.

Blend these all together with a cool hip-groove throughout 
some of the songs, and include traditional Tuvan folk melodies 
and you have a power-packed CD which just might open up your 
senses, and cultural awareness to the differences, and 
similarities between humans around the globe. Perhaps the most 
endearing track is the collaboration between Ondar and Bill 
Miller (a Native American flute player) who chants and drums 
as Ondar throat-sings the high notes.

The second CD I highly recommend goes further into telling the 
story of Paul Pena's journey to Tuva (Feynman unfortunately 
never made it there).   Genghis Blues is an award winning 
documentary that pictures Pena's journey to Tuva where he wins 
the acclaimed first place in the throat-singing competition 
there.  Since then Paul has been suffering with pancreatitis, 
more info at his website.

The film is a landmark cultural breakthrough.  It pictures 
Paul's journey to Tuva to sing.  As a blind man Pena feels 
like an outcast in his own country, of course playing music 
with the richly earthy gypsy sounds of the Tuvans could make 
anyone feel at home.   The CD is a 70 minute tour de force 
which covers all the styles of Tuvan singing as well as lines 
from the movie, and even the rock/blues hit from Pena 'Gonna 
Move' which was originally recorded in the early 1970's.

For more information on Back Tuva Future CD click here:

Genghis Blues CD click here:

Genghis Blues Movie click here:

Kongar-ol Ondar's website:

Paul Pena's website:

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