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Issue #18                                    August 9, 2002
             Numerology / Astrology 
          Alternatives for a New World
        * Spirituality  * Natural Health
      * Ancient Culture   * Awareness (Personal/Business)
  * Nature and Travel       * Numerology/Astrology 

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Publisher: The Dreamtime - http://www.thedreamtime.com
Editor: Brett Simpson   
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       T A B L E    O F   C O N T E N T S
  ==> Healing Feature - World Healing Day
  ==> Spirituality Article - Numbers and the Kabbalah (part 2)
  ==> Course Review - Infinite Self - 33 Steps to Reclaiming 
                       Your Inner Power by Stuart Wilde
  ==> Useful Resources For You

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          W O R L D   H E A L I N G   D A Y
World Healing Day, a global connection to healing the Earth 
will take place on August 22, 2002.  The website offers 
opportunities for the evolution of consciousness and 
transformation.  All of this is facilitated by an Astrological 
chart for the Earth which shows transformative properties.

The group requests that people link up in meditation, prayer, 
or thought at one or more of the designated times to produce a 
concentrated, unified focus of healing energy and awareness. 

The first linkup time is at 12 noon GMT (13.00 UK). The second 
linkup time is at 22.20 GMT (23.20 UK).  Each meditation will 
last for at least 20 minutes, and will consist of clear, focused 
positive thought. 

Visit the homepage at:

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             S P I R I T U A L I T Y
Numbers and the Kabbalah (part 2)        by Brett Simpson

Back to our discussion of numbers and the Kabbalah.  First I 
would like to mention that I heard a Rabbi speak last week.  
He started out by saying that the Kabbalah was not taught to 
anyone under the age of 40 because they did not know enough 
about the basic, or foundation teachings to be taught the 

He confirmed that there is very little study or thought given 
to the Kabbalah by the Jewish people today; this includes the 
orthodox, reform and traditional Jewish people.  Though, 
recently there has been a renewed interest in the Kabbalah 
mostly because he feels that the Jewish people, in general, 
are looking for a spiritual practice that has more interesting 
concepts than the traditional 'dry' practices of Judaism.  
Remember that Hassidic Jewish people would be different in 
this regard, I suspect, since their customs are directly 
influenced by the Kabbalah, indeed it was the Kabbalah which 
led to the formation of Hassidism.

Remember from last time the importance of the numbers 0, 1, 
10, 11.  This time I will expand further on other important 
numbers in the Kabbalah.  The Zohar, or Book of Splendor was 
taken up as the original book of the Kabbalah, though it is 
the Sefer Yetzirah which should hold that title  as it has the 
teachings of the orally transmitted secrets which were given 
to those who were able to receive them.   The Zohar is Spanish 
in origin, and does include an incredible spiritual 
translation of the Tree Of Life so I'll be drawing on 
information from both of these texts in this article.

From The Zohar: there are 3 souls that pertain to divine 
grades, and there is 1 supernal soul, totalling 4, this is the 
soul of all souls, all is contingent on it, which is veiled in 
a dazzling bright veil.  One is the source of the sea, a 
current comes forth from it 'yod' (the first letter in the 
name of god YHVH).  The source and the current makes 2.  
Formed into the vast basin is the sea which is the 3rd thing.

The basin is divided into 7 channels, resembling long tubes 
and the waters go from the sea into the 7 channels making the 
number 10 (7+3).   It is God who creates 7 vessels to channel 
the water of the sea into, but first God created a vessel in 
the shape of 'yod' and filled it from his/her own energy.
Then he created and filled the vessel of the sea and called it 
'understanding', from this sea (and infused with his/her 
wisdom: the beginning is defined as wisdom) and the 
understanding of the sea he/she fills the other 7 vessels: 
Greatness, Strength, Glory, Victory, Majesty, Foundation, and 
Sovereignty.  All things, all vessels and all worlds does he 
uphold in Foundation.

It's interesting to note here how the initial vessel fills the 
sea to create understanding.  This intimates a fluid 
substance, and from this the other 7 sefirot are filled.  
Should we deduce that 'wisdom' and the other values poured 
from it are based in the feminine intuitive energy (often 
associated with water) in symbolic references and throughout 

The 10 Sefirot are divided into 2; 5 sets of opposites and can 
be seen as representing the 5 fingers on each hand.  The past 
and the future are also related to the first 2 parts of wisdom 
and understanding and are represented by male and female, the 
male being the past which can influence the future (female).  
It is very easy to see how this can be extrapolated to the 
study of palm reading and the past (or present) represented by 
one hand and the future by the other.  Any palmist will tell 
you that if you are right-handed for example, the present time 
will be indicated on your right hand, while your future will 
be indicated on the opposite left hand, this is reversed if 
you are left-handed.

Regarding the sacred in chanting and the mystical religion, we 
can find out about that in the Sefir Yetzirah. Overall there 
are 22 foundation letters, these are further broken down into 
3 Mothers, 7 Doubles and 12 Elemental sounds. When water and 
fire are combined a specific chant can be invoked which can 
bring one to a state of hearing a hum and recognizing a vision 
as was stated by Job.  When this hum and hiss (as represented 
by the fire sound) is combined we have a Jewish sound that 
represents the word for 'name'.   The ancient and renowned 
teacher the Baal Shem Tov taught that through a name one is 
able to grasp the spiritual essence of a person, or a 
thing.  Look no further for a validation of the uses of 
numerology, or it's predecessor in early Kabbalah.

It was the original discussion of the Jewish principle of 
notating letters of the alphabet with their numeric value 
which I believe formed the basis of numerology several 
thousands of years ago.  It was the original assignment of 
names, object and numeric references to each letter of the 
alphabet by the Jewish people which formed the basis for 
sacred geometry which eventually led to the creation of 
numerology.  For example each letter in Hebrew was used to 
represent an object, and was also used as a 'counting 
mechanism' before the use of numbers: a (or alef in Hebrew) 
represents an Ox and has a thrusting quality associated with 
the male number of 1, b (or Bet in Hebrew) signifies a house 
(and also more passive or female qualities) of 2.

This symbolic representation continues through the entire 22 
letters of Hebrew and the additional 5 vowel sounds (which 
were added later and included even greater counting numbers).  
Some visitors to The Dreamtime have asked about using these 
numeric interpretations for their own name numerolgically as 
well, but I do not recommend it.  I spent a considerable 
amount of time interpreting and calculating my own name with 
the Hebrew alphabet, but I did not find that the 
interpretations translated very well.

It's always best to make the interpretation with the most 
modern (or current) language being used, which for most of us 
is English.  Those of you in other countries will be happy to 
know that at The Dreamtime we also can do numerological 
calculations (and display your name correctly) in many foreign 
languages (for Professional and Compatibility readings), and 
this seems to be more valuable and vibrationally correct than 
using English.  Note that the reading itself is still in 
English, but, the alphabet and therefor the numbers used to 
make the numerology calculations for your name are done in 
your native language.  For more information on this study see 
our foreign language page at:  

Early Kabbalists tried to interpret the bible using the values 
and names of the ancient Hebrew letters.  Some of them even 
developed yoga type body movements which corresponded with the 
Hebrew letters and could be used to speak the divine name of 
God for purposes of contacting him/her for the most sacred 
union.   This early form of numerology is called Gematria, and 
I suspect it is still practiced by many who maintain a 
practice of Kabbalah.

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        A U D I O   C O U R S E   R E V I E W
Infinite Self :                         by Stuart Wilde
33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power           
Review by Brett Simpson

In his inimitable and powerful way Stuart Wilde (who I've 
talked about before) has recorded an audio series that is so 
amazing that I know you will find it valuable.  The Infinite 
Self (33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power) goes into great 
detail on how to begin a Spiritual Quest, how to maintain one, 
and break free from the collective beliefs of society and how 
to gain power through discipline, sacred alignment and 
processing and healing your emotions.

I'm on my second time through this tape/CD set and I can say it 
is power-packed, loaded with information and very well done.  
Stuart takes the time to let us in on his own personal methods 
for following a Spiritual path that he models on Taoism, The 
Way in Chinese thought.   Through this entire series we get to 
hear the interesting (and sometimes hilarious) antics of Stu 
Wilde - believe me when I say that those alone make this 
series worth every penny!

If you've never heard Stuart speak you're in for a treat.  
His British accent is endearing and doesn't get in the way, 
instead you won't be able to stop yourself from laughing at 
some of his points.  Stu's stories of consciousness expansion 
are enough to make anyone believe in what he has to say.

One particular journey involves his decision to give up the 
'tick-tock world' as he likes to call anyone who is stuck in a 
mindset that is not fluid enough to allow them to be creative.  
During this particular story Stu decides to give it all up.  
He proceeds to lock up his apartment, with all the food still 
in the fridge, and drop his keys down the sewer drain on his 
way down the road!   Talk about freeing up your mind, and 
losing your possessions - and I haven't even told you what he 
left behind when he did that, but I can say he was living like 
a king at the time - and probably way beyond the means of many 
of us.

These 6 tapes/CDs each have a lesson on both sides, making for a 
total of 12 sessions.  The introduction is by someone that you 
might know: Dr. Wayne Dyer, who calls Stuart his 'spiritual 

We learn about centering, and accepting and establishing power 
from discipline.  The personality is weak and seeks 
gratification, true power and knowledge comes from discipline 
and this series helps you to establish it.  This discipline is 
engaged through control over the ego, quiet time, working on 
the physical, disengaging from personal relationships, order, 
and a connection to nature.

Stuart describes a unique Chinese way of walking out in nature 
(tiger walking), and a method for developing self-discipline.  
He also recommends meditation, special diets and the final 
Session includes a very deep theta meditation tape/CD which can 
be used as it is to create a meditation unlike any I have 
experienced, even on the first try.

Learn to stop judging, obtain serenity, and stop criticism, 
look into your heart and find out who you really are with the 
exercises included in these Sessions.  Every Session has one 
or two self-empowering exercises that will help you to center 
your mind and self and learn a new way of thinking about 
things: multi-dimensionally.   You will learn to experience 
things from a viewpoint that you may not have ever thought of 

Wilde reminds us through these tapes/CDs (6 total) that it is the 
programming in our lives that creates fear and frustration in 
our lives.  By using the techniques discussed you will start 
to understand how your outer environment triggers feelings and 
situations which allow you to learn and grow, rather then to 
just react.   

On each tape/CD you will explore conscious learning to open the 
Infinite Self to abundance, freedom, inspiration, creative 
expression and remove limitations, as you move toward 
goodness.  There are 33 steps that Stuart spells out and they 
are also listed in a pamphlet for easy reminding.  

Through the steps you'll find out about emotional, physical, 
spiritual and mental.  Learn to open up, express yourself, and 
free stagnant thinking by quieting your mind, and banishing 
fear.  Learn to get in touch with the God force, and to 
explore your inner self beyond the boundaries that the ego, 
and popular emotion likes to impose.   

The Infinite Self tape/CD set also includes a book written by Stu 
called Weight Loss for the Mind.  The book goes far to help 
reinforce the material presented on the tapes/CDs.  Stuart's 
outlook is refreshing and empowering for anyone - he teaches 
you to remove restrictions and find power in simple ways.  The 
book provides methods to do away with contradictions (or 
accept those which are necessary) created by expectancy, which 
may be holding you back from reaching your highest good.  

There are so many gems in these Sessions and I know you'll 
find each one another brilliant (and unique) outlook.  One of 
my favorites is: "when in doubt - do nothing", "organize, 
clean up, seek out more information, but don't do anything".  
Wait for the right feeling to make a decision.  Check your 
feelings now and I think you'll find that this tape/CD series to 
Reclaiming Your Inner Power is one you should have.

For more information click here:

Rating 5/5: Fantastic audio program loaded with empowering 
exercises for reclaiming your power.  Highly Recommended.
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td18is

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