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Issue #17                                   July 19, 2002
             Numerology / Astrology 
          Alternatives for a New World
        * Spirituality  * Natural Health
      * Ancient Culture   * Awareness (Personal/Business)
  * Nature and Travel       * Numerology/Astrology 

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Issue #17                        Editor: Brett Simpson
Publisher: The Dreamtime - http://www.thedreamtime.com

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             S P I R I T U A L I T Y
Numbers and the Kabbalah (part 1)        by Brett Simpson

The Kabbalah is the ancient Jewish mystical oral tradition 
that was handed down from generation to generation.   
Originally it was based on secret teachings on the nature of 
God, and the role of man in God's universe.   It is 
interesting that this great spiritual teaching is loaded with 
numerological references.  The word Kabbalah has the meaning 
of 'receiving' or 'that which is received'.

Some of the earliest Jewish writings were not included in the 
Bible, for example the Book of Enoch and the Testaments of the 
Patriarchs).  These early writings point to a mystical 
discipline that was in existence way before any of the 
teachings were written down.  In the 2nd century a rabbinic 
collection called the Mishna indicates two teachings that 
should not be taught in public: 1.) work of creation based on 
Genesis and 2.) work of the chariot or the Divine Throne based 
on Ezekiel chapter 1.  

The early Kabbalah was influenced by the 'Merkabah' or God's 
Throne that is used by the mystic in a shamanic way.  The 
early practicers would go through fasting, and contemplative 
prayer to achieve a trance state.  In the trance state their 
souls were sent upward to pierce the veil.  The mystics who 
practiced the Merkabah seem to have experienced an ascension.

In rabbinic circles only chosen disciples were permitted to 
engage in these disciplines.   It is interesting to include 
this brief introduction before we get into a discussion of the 
Kabbalah itself, since it was some of these traditions and 
documents which were absorbed into the Kabbalah.  Since much 
of this material was most likely written after 900AD, this can 
only be considered a secondary foundation of numerological 
reference.  Remember that Pythagoras had learned and worked 
with numerological principles some 1400 years earlier in 

The main cosmological discussion of Kabbalah states that God  
created the world that is connected through 32 secret paths of 
wisdom.  These 32 paths of wisdom include the 10 sefiroth  
(which laid out in two dimensions looks like a tree in shape).   
Also included are the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet to 
total all of the means by which all of reality is structured 
using these 32 elements (paths, letters). The original sefirot  
was based in a number system, however since the Hebrews 
associated a number with a corresponding letter of the 
alphabet, it becomes easy to see how numerology was included 
in the creation of reality!  

By using contemplation and meditation it is possible for the 
practicer to ascend the 'tree of sephiroth', or the 'tree of 
life'.  Remember that in actuality the tree is most likely a 3 
dimensional structure that offers an even greater 
understanding of the foundations of and nature of reality 
through a model that can be drawn in 2 dimensions.  For more 
information on this see the work of the Meru foundation, who 
has studied the three dimensional aspects of shadow/light that 
form the basis of the Hebrew letters.

As the practice of reading the numbers fell more and more to a 
'secret teaching' which was loosely combined into Hassidism it 
became one in which most modern Jewish people know very little 
about.  Though, I'm told that the Rabbis still do hold great 
knowledge in this area, but are reluctant to teach it, since 
if they do those who learn 'might not want to continue 

The Kabbalah eventually came to link all letters with their 
spiritual quality, since these letters were used to related 
the cosmic unfolding of the mystical name of God YHVH.

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The numerological references within Kabbalah are many.  There 
is the power of 10 (which some have said represents the 10 
vowels of the Hebrew alphabet). The 10 Sefiroth, which  
embodies the important aspect of the 10 (1+0=1) representing 
one God.  I note how this also fits in with my studies which 
show that the numerological number for the Sun is 1, and the 
Moon is 0 (and also two).  

The 10 Sefiroth are 10 aspects of the deity which define the 
existence of the godhead through properties that all of us can 
learn.  The Sefiroth are divided into 3 lines, the left is 
female, the right is male and the middle balances the other 
two.  The 10 properties found in the Sefiroth are kingdom, 
foundation, majesty, endurance, beauty, power, love, 
understanding, wisdom, and supreme energy (or crown). The new 
Kabbalists add an additional sefirot (knowledge) between 
wisdom and understanding.

With the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet we have 22 paths 
through the 'tree of life'.   These 22 paths are also 
connected with the 22 trumps in a Tarot deck and provide a 
means of linking together the mystical pathways that an 
initiate travels to become one with God.  Since the Hebrew 
tradition teaches that the vowels in a word are the 'breath', 
or 'fire' that bring the word to life, Hebrew words are 
generally written without the vowels being present, or with 
them being shown as accents over the consonants in the words.

The divine name of God is YHVH representing 4 (which I take to 
also mean Earth).  When added up however the letters YHVH = 
10+5+6+5 = 26 giving us a sacred mean number between 13 and 
52.  The 13 also ties in with the 13 lunar months, and 
dovetails with my belief that the numerological system that 
creates the reality around us is a base 13 system.   There are 
many references throughout Christianity, and now here to the 
number 13.  With a base 13 system, we have the numbers of 0, 
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.   This fits perfectly 
with astrological systems as well.  

The Zohar eventually became the main text for the Kabbalists, 
though the Sefir Yetzirah was written earlier and was more 
numerological in nature.  The Zohar was the Spanish 
Kabbalistic text which was adopted and soon became known for 
it's mystical body of Kabbalistic thought that emphasized the 
holy union or 'sacred marriage' between the sefirots beauty 
and the kingdom.  The God of this world is 'En Sof' or the 
infinite which is both unknowable and self-revealing at the 
same time. 

         B O O K     R E V I E W
Date Or Soul Mate?           2002 by Neil Clark Warren, PhD
Review by Brett Simpson

Neil Clark Warren, PhD has written an incredible capsulized 
book on how to determine if someone you are dating is worth 
pursuing.  This book is long on examples, and short on 
rhetoric; in other words it is exactly what you are looking 
for if you are searching for that perfect mate and don't want 
to worry about the consequences that one half of those who do 
get married will suffer through - divorce.

The good doctor should know since he's been a relationship  
counselor in private practice for over 30 years!  Yes, I think 
this is extremely important.  He has had first hand knowledge 
through his own marriage and learned through the marriage of 
others just exactly what it takes for two people to maintain 
compatibility throughout a lifetime.  

One key here is having similar interests, though the other 
very important step is learning exactly what your own likes 
and dislikes are.  What are the things you must have, and the 
things you can't stand in a dating partner?  By learning these 
important parts of yourself first, you will make your dating 
choices much easier - though many may still be reluctant to 
end dating after just two dates, Warren claims that ending a 
bad relationship as soon as possible is the best practice.  
Just be aware that if you do take a little longer, it will be 
harder to end, but sometimes it is important to give that 
second chance to someone and Dr. Warren explains when to do 
that as well.

What starts out for many of us as an attraction is usually 
formed from thousands of influences which are not trustworthy 
such as television!    Dr. Warren explains how the most 
important person for each of us, is someone that is a lot like 
us, and that is why he recommends a deep soul-searching 
inquiry into your own personality before even thinking of 
finding the perfect person.  While much of this makes sense, I 
do recommend that you  compare it to my previous review of 
'Why Can't I Fall In Love?' (see issue #5 of The Dreamtimes in 
the archives), which states clearly that it is a deep sense of 
commitment which is lacking in most of our dating experiences 
which leads to disaster.

While 60% of current marriages will end in divorce, it 
certainly seems like a good time for us as a  culture to think 
about what really is going on here.  By working through the 
questions in this book you will go a long way toward defining 
who you are, and what you are looking for, and you will end up 
with a 20 item checklist of the right person for you.  All of 
the right questions are listed.  

One of the key items here is to be in touch with yourself, 
your energy level and intelligence before thinking about a 
significant other.  the book features a detailed list of 
questions to answer for yourself, then a suggestion to share 
this with two or three close friends or family members to make 
sure it is right.  Spend time thinking of your family and how 
you were raised, your personal history in five year segments, 
and/or have a detailed psychological inventory done, I 
recommend a Myers/Briggs test.  When you've finished this 
part, you'll know more about who you are  then ever before. 

 The next step is to find out who you are looking for and that 
involves two lists, one a list of 'must-have' traits, and the 
other a list of 'can't- stand' traits.  Don't worry there are 
samples that you include in the book, but the hardest part 
you'll find is narrowing these down to 10 items on each list.   
After completing this step, you need to learn to ask the right 
questions of your dates to determine if they will fit into the 
qualities you desire and not fit into the qualities that you 
don't want.  Dr. Warren writes that the three characteristics 
of emotionally healthy people are 1.) generous, 2.) truthful, 
3.) kind, so at least find someone that fits all three of 

As your work your way through the book you'll be made aware of 
things such as shared values and interests, and how they 
create a stable environment, that spirituality is most 
important, and that similarity = success in marriage, and that 
chemistry and appearance is attractive, but this evaporates in 
6-8 months!  

There is a list of seven similarities that you cannot overlook 
such as spiritual harmony, verbal intimacy, energy level, 
ambition, role expectations, interests, and personal habits.  
To conclude the author lists 29 critical matching variables 
that are in place at his own matching website eharmony.com.
There is a fine balance here between knowing who we are, 
finding the chemistry between someone, and dating long enough 
to know if it's right, or has future potential.  i think this 
book goes a long way to providing some key information on 
these principles.  Put this information in use, along with a 
strong sense of commitment between two people, and it should 
prove to be a useful and worthwhile approach to dating that 
keeps you interested in the 'right people', those who are 
right for you. 

Rating 4/5: Capsulized book that helps you put into your own 
words who you are, and whom you are looking for.  Recommended.
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td17date

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