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Issue #16                                   July 5, 2002
             Numerology / Astrology 
          Alternatives for a New World
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Issue #16
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* Culture Article - Egypt (pt. 2)
* Spirituality Journal - Sound Peace Chamber Blessing
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Happy Independence Day!  To all the Americans out there, let's 
have a safe and fulfilling July 4th.   Just a quick word on 
what's new and updated at the site.   First, I've decided to 
put the Aroma Essence reading up for free.  For those of you 
who have not tried it out, it gives you a list of Aromatherapy 
oils which support your Life Path (life purpose) and also oils 
to assist you in following through with your Soul Urge.  You 
can find the reading at this page:

There is a new section up - finally!  Yes, I know many of you 
have asked for this one.  The Personal Awareness page is up 
and will list resources/tools that I feel are useful for 
achieving goals, dreams and your destiny.   You can see the 
new page here:  

As always your comments/questions are welcome, write me 
directly at brett@thedreamtime.com

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Spirituality ..........  37.5%
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Awareness .............  18.8%
Nature ................  12.5%
Culture ...............   6.2%

I'll leave the poll up for a few more days to give everyone a 
chance to vote, but as it stands now look for more articles 
about Spirituality, Healing, and Awareness and less articles 
about Nature and Culture.

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                  C U L T U R E
Egypt (pt. 2)        by Brett Simpson

Let's take some time to look at the Egyptian god Osiris who is 
one of the oldest gods in which records of his worship exist.  
He also may have been worshiped longer than any other god in 
history: he was beginning to be worshiped before 2400 BC and 
was seen as a favorable god up until the 4th century after the 
death of Christ.  

Osiris originally appeared as a king in Egypt.  Seth murdered 
him and the corpse was found by Isis.  Osiris' dead body was 
raised back to life by the fanning of air into his body.  When 
he came back to life he had his cause of murder tried by a 
tribunal which found him just and Seth guilty.  At this point 
Osiris becomes the lord of the underworld and a powerful 
symbol of re-awakening.

The Greek account of Osiris includes more mystical and 
metaphysical and numerological references.  In this legend 
Osiris is murdered and his body is divided into 26 pieces.  
The 26 pieces representing the characters of the Greek 
alphabet at that time, 24 letter shapes plus 2 vowels of 

In another Greek legend Seth plans the murder of Osiris with 
the help of 72 others (another reference to 24 * 4) or a 
reference to 12 * 6.   Seth makes a beautiful chest to the 
exact dimensions of Osiris' body.  At a banquet which Seth 
initiates he offers the chest to anyone who will fit 
inside it perfectly.  When Osiris tries it out, Seth slams the 
chest shut and nails it closed, casting it into the river 
Nile.  Eventually the chest drifts to shore on the Phoenician 
coast where a tree grows up and encloses the chest.   The 
immensity of the tree causes the King to have it cut down.  
When it is brought down the chest is discovered and returned 
to Egypt.  Seth discovers this and cuts the body into 14 parts 
(numerologically a powerful number of transformation and a 
karmic lesson of regeneration and renewal).

Isis who feels a deep sorrow for the loss of her husband 
eventually search for and recovers each of the 14 parts.  She 
buries each one which helps to explain the abundance of burial 
sites for Osiris throughout Egypt.  Osiris emerges from the 
underworld and trains his son Horus to persecute Seth.  Horus 
eventually conquers Seth and is vindicated by the gods.  

Osiris as a god is usually displayed wearing a white crown 
with a cobra or serpent emanating from the third eye.  The 
sides of the crown are also serpent like in nature.  He holds 
the symbols of Egyptian royalty in his hands, two metal 
staffs.  The body is usually represented as a mummy, but the 
face, head and hands are free from the typical wrappings of a 

Because Osiris is identified with death and the afterlife he 
eventually became the most significant god for the Egyptians.  
A theatrical presentation of his death and afterlife was re-
created every year at Abydos.  Eventually the cult of Osiris 
(and Isis) spread throughout the Roman empire.  Isis is seen 
as the compassionate goddess of the universe and Osiris 
renewal, growth and life.   Eventually in later years, he 
takes on even more responsibility such as for accepting a 
Declaration of Innocence from the dead and of weighing the 
soul for judgment.    This dual role of both savior, and 
judger of the dead took on a similar symbolism in Jesus Christ 
where he is seen simultaneously as savior and judge.

In Egypt the people of the day looked to the deity Osiris as 
one of resurrection and eternal life.  It was this important 
place in culture that brought Osiris recognition and most 
people who lived at the time would eventually come to worship 
him as a promise for eternal life.   You can see how Osiris 
and Christ share a similar message and popularity.   Will we 
as humans always need to look to a diety or god for 
recognition of these principles?   

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     S P I R I T U A L I T Y   J O U R N A L 
Joseph Rael Sound Chamber Blessing     by Brett Simpson

I just have to take some time to talk about the incredible 
event I was able to attend a few weeks ago.  Joseph Rael, a 
Native American of Southern Ute and Picuris descent, and 
author of Being and Vibration came to visit Three Rivers, 
Michigan to bless the new sound chamber that was built there.

If you do not know of his work, he was given a vision about 20 
years ago that told him to begin building Sound Chambers that 
would help to generate Peace energy around the globe.  They 
are small (12-20 foot diameter) earth formed domes, usually 
with skylights and always with a direct connection to the 
Earth in the floor.  When others gather in the chamber to 
chant energy circulates around the globe and is also given 
back to Mother Earth.   The energy is used by the Earth to 
heal and to turn us into "resonators of circles of light for 
the world's peace work."

Joseph describes the vision of the chambers in great detail in 
his newest book 'In The House of Shattering Light' which I am 
nearly finished with and would recommend that you pick up a 
copy when it becomes available.  I also recommend his book 
Being and Vibration which covers the topics of our universe of 
vibration and how it affects us, as well as chanting methods 
for healing and inspiration.  

I arrived in Three Rivers in the early morning for an informal 
class with Joseph.  There were about 25 of us in the small 
classroom and Joseph did an excellent job of explaining the 
nature of the universe in his culture.   He started out by 
telling us that we "do not exist".  Every moment we are 
recreating ourselves.  We have a chance to choose from 10 
opportunities, or slivers of light in every moment.  As we 
make those choices we are forming our existence and we are 
creating from each new moment, completely different beings 
than we were even one instant before.

The discussion then turned to how unique our English language 
is, and how it is very useful for 'thingifying'.   Our 
language is great for scientific study and for naming, but not 
always the best for growth, movement and healing.  For example 
in the Tiwa culture they do not have any nouns in their 
language.  Every word is a verb, and directly represents 
movement.   A good way to test this on yourself is to add an 
'ing' to the end of your name.    Take a few minutes to do 
this, and then sit with your intention on what you 'become' 
with this new name.   You may notice that it inspires 
movement, and action, and draws you away from becoming 

Because we 'came here to grow using the power of creativity' 
it is important to keep ourselves in movement so that we do 
not stagnate.    If you do not change, you may 'crystalize'.  
We are all tuned to our own unique frequency, and it is only 
when we get out of that frequency that health problems can 

After a break Joseph led us into further discussion of the 
power of our names.  By chanting the vowels of the name we can 
help each other to realize our true vibration.  Joseph 
recommends that we chant in this manner 2-3 times weekly, 
preferably in small groups in each others homes.  I believe 
that this is a validation of the work that is done in 
numerology, and the importance of our names.   You can see 
that even the indigenous cultures are aware of the power and 
potential of our names.   Through the use of the sounds of our 
names we are able to truly know our essential self and find 
our unique frequency.

For more information on Joseph Rael's book Being and Vibration 
visit this page:

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