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Issue #15                                   June 21, 2002
             Numerology / Astrology 
          Alternatives for a New World
        * Spirituality  * Natural Health
      * Ancient Culture    * Earth Honoring
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Issue #15
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Editor: Brett Simpson
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* Culture Article - Egypt (pt. 1)
* Book Review - Emissary of Light - by James Twyman
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                  C U L T U R E
Egypt (pt. 1)        by Brett Simpson

Egypt, the land of mysteries will provide us with some 
interesting topics over the next several issues.  The first 
topic I want to explore is that of the Egyptian deities and 
their importance.  

The religious themes of Egyptian life were based on the 
aspects of the culture and life which held the greatest 
importance, the river Nile, the sun, and belief in life after 
death and the souls journey to another world after death.

Of highest importance is that Egyptian religion is one of the 
longest-lived religions ever recorded.  It was already in 
existence in 3000 BC - many would say that this time is much 
earlier, even as much as 25000 BC, and it was able to survive 
until it's cults were eradicated by the Christian emperor 
Theodosius in 384.   Aspects of the religion were passed into 

The religion covers almost all types, from monotheism, to 
polytheism, and deities.   It is the representation and 
symbolism of the deities which are most interesting.  Because 
the sun is such an important aspect of the Egyptian life, the 
sun itself was worshiped as a deity, or sky god, often called 
'Horus of the horizon'.  The deity was worshiped under the 
name Re (Egyptian for sun), and often was represented as a man 
with a falcon head, crowned with a solar disc.  

The disc was represented by different symbols depending on the 
time of day, for example at dawn Re was seen as a beetle (the 
Egyptian word for beetle also had the meaning to become or 
exist).  The setting sun was shown as a wise old man.  Again, 
the Egyptian word was important as this word also contained 
the idea of completion.

Many of the Egyptian gods took on animal forms, though most of 
them were local gods and specific to the regions where they 
were worshiped, for example the crocodile god Faiyum, and the 
cat goddess Bubastis.  While some believe these gods were 
related to totemic worship, there is little evidence to prove 
this point.

Osiris became an important god because it was believed that 
through the worship of this god it was possible to achieve 
eternal life and resurrection in the afterlife.  There is an 
entire mythology of Osiris which we will look at in another 
article, it involves many numerological references. 

Egyptians worshiped the Earth as a male (Geb), and the sky as 
female (Hathor).  Perhaps one of the strangest of the deities 
was Thoth, who eventually was associated with Hermes, and 
Greek thought.  Thoth had the head of a bird (Ibis) and the 
body of a human.  He was highly regarded for his intelligence 
as the god of wisdom, and as a divine scribe for writing down 
the judgments of the dead where he recorded the verdict based 
on the weight of the heart of the deceased.

The cults surrounding death and preparation for the other 
world are one of the most intriguing aspects of Egyptian 
culture.  It was believed that each person had an alter ego 
(ka) that was created when we are born.  This double was 
symbolized as two outstretched arms on the head.  

Most likely this indicated the outstretched soul reaching 
upward toward the divine aspect of the oversoul, or soul 
blueprint pattern that each of us are believed to be born 
with.  Along with the ka, they believed in another component, 
ba, which was separate from the body, but nearby, and was 
symbolized as a bird with a human head.  Compare this to Thoth 
and other Egyptian gods who were sometimes  portrayed as 
humans with bird heads, and we can see that the bird, or 
winged messenger becomes a powerful symbol for the soul and 
it's mysteries in Egyptian religious beliefs.

Eventually the main elements of the Egyptian religion were 
passed on in Coptic Christianity, especially those regarding 
the judgment of the soul after death (by Thoth).  Other 
elements were also passed on and exist in hermetic literature 
which gave the name Hermes to the Egyptian god Thoth.  In 
future articles we will look at the mythology of Osiris and at 
numerological significance in Egyptian symbolism.

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         B O O K     R E V I E W
Emissary Of Light                         1996 by James Twyman
Review by Brett Simpson

Emissary Of Light is a fascinating read!    Based on the 
travels of James Twyman, a traveling peace troubador who 
finally makes his way to Bosnia/Croatia just as the war torn 
area is reaching a critical point.

I'm not sure how much of this is real, and how much fiction, 
and that is a really good thing with this type of novel.   
It's a New Age fantasy involving Twyman's own journeys around 
the world to sing about Peace.   It all begins when he 
receives a set of 12 peace prayers from a friend who brought 
them back from a conference that brought together the 12 major 
religions of the world.   

This much is definitely real, as Twyman's website reveals 
several CD's featuring his music, including one with the 
twelve prayers on it.   As the book winds it's way through 
your memory, you may also feel a connection to the great sense 
of finding a  group of powerful like minded individuals who 
are focused and intent on bringing peace and fulfillment to a 
countryside full of refugees and outcasts.

Throughout this book there is a fabulous  sense of mysticism.  
You feel like each step that Twyman takes on his journey gets 
more exciting.  In the beginning he feels called to perform a 
peace concert in Bosnia.  The obstacles in his way seem 
insurmountable, and nearly are.   

Eventually Twyman makes his way to Europe, and receives 
notification that he is to perform in Rijeka, Croatia, near 
the Italian border.  From this point onward the story turns 
into a remarkable and powerful tale of Twyman's own search for 
meaning, and fulfillment, while also trying to bring peace to 
a country that is torn by religious and cultural persecution 
from within.

In a dream Twyman sees a magical place featuring a group of 
meditators who work to hold and bring the light of peace on 
Earth.  These 'Emissaries', it turns out really exist, and 
Twyman is told that he himself was chosen to come here because 
he is the one able to help bring the peace message to the rest 
of the world through his songs and writing. 

The book works on many levels.  It is a journey of the soul, 
but also about the connection between others who are 
spiritually dedicated and capable of following through on 
their mission.  This leads to a few romantic interludes too, 
as Twyman himself becomes captivated by the deep sense of 
commitment and  stillness in these refugees who meet him at 
the bus station.  He finds out they are also advocates of 'A 
Course In Miracles' a wonderful book of channeled material 
that Twyman had been teaching in the USA.  I recommend that 
everyone look into the 'Course' for helping to instill the 
sense of the divine into your own soul. 

Eventually Twyman is told that he was brought here to 
enlighten others, and it seems this book is doing that.  He is 
told of the secret community of 'light holders' who do their 
work in a community that is located almost right on top of the 
front lines of the war.  When he is told he must go there, he 
follows the others to a village where people have learned 
through meditation to get back in touch with their own 
creative and metaphysical abilities.  They rarely speak, 
preferring to telepathically communicate instead, and they 
spend 12 hours every day in a meditation that has as it's 
purpose the intent to hold and foster the light of peace.

This part is where it becomes somewhat fantastic.  I've 
meditated for 2 or 3 hours with no problem, but can you 
imagine 12 hours of non-stop focused intent, every single day?  
Certainly, if this is being done by the Emissaries, I hope it 
continues.  The story is inspiring on it's own, but Twyman's 
writing adds considerably to this beautiful drama.  

When he returns home, it takes him a long time to grasp the 
meaning of what has happened to him, he struggles with the 
visions, and the messages he was shown.  Jimmy, as Twyman is 
known throughout the book eventually learns that his own 
purpose is to help bring the peace prayer to everyone around 
the world, to help usher in a time of peace and acceptance.  
He must accomplish this through his writing and singing, which 
is exactly what Twyman is doing, and the reason I believe that 
this book has such a powerful message: when you know your true 
purpose and you go about achieving it, the light and truth of 
what you are striving for is obvious and the universe will 
open up to assist you on your path.

I won't spoil the ending for you, but let me say that it is 
most memorable and spiritually intense.  As Twyman discovers 
his mission, he is drawn to Medjugorje where a group of 
children have been having regular communication with the 
Mother Mary for years.  He is given a message of his own 
future, and learns of a secret to dimensions outside of our 
own.  It's a fitting and climactic ending to a thoroughly 
wonderful book.

Rating 4/5: Powerful and spell-binding story of a peace 
troubador who follows a journey of his soul.
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td15emissary

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