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Issue #14                                   June 7, 2002
             Numerology / Astrology 
          Alternatives for a New World
        * Spirituality  * Natural Health
      * Ancient Culture    * Earth Honoring
  * EcoTravel and Fun     * Numerology/Astrology 

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Issue #14
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Editor: Brett Simpson
Publisher: The Dreamtime - http://www.thedreamtime.com

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In This Issue...
* Achievement Poll (results) - How Far Along are you?
* Spirituality Article - The Compatibility of Numbers (pt. 2)
* Nature Article - Nature Spirits All Around Us (pt. 3)
* Book Review - Affirmations - by Stuart Wilde
* Useful Resources For You


Welcome to the new format P-)  I hope you all enjoy it!
I hope that this format will be a little easier to read, 
and give us room for expansion in the future.  If you have 
further questions and comments please Email me and let me 

                A W A R E N E S S 
            Lifetime Achievement Poll

The new poll has been active since the last issue and 70% of 
you have completed 50% or fewer of what you feel are your 
lifetime achievements and goals. The poll is showing right now 
(in order of the percentage of lifetime achievements and goals 
that you feel you have completed):

Feel you completed 10% of lifetime achievements goals .. 29.57%
Feel you completed 25% of lifetime achievements goals .. 19.05%
Feel you completed 50% of lifetime achievements goals .. 22.22%
Feel you completed 75% of lifetime achievements goals .. 19.05%
Feel you completed 80% or more of lifetime achv./goals.. 11.11%

On a numerological note, interesting how those of you who feel 
you have completed 80% or more of your goals totals 11.11%!  
Talk about double 11's!  The number eleven is significant as 
an inspirational leader with a vision.  For more information on 
the meaning of numbers have a look at our Number Meanings page 
located at: 

Visit the homepage at The Dreamtime to vote at:

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            S P I R I T U A L I T Y
The Compatibility of Numbers (pt. 2)        by Brett Simpson

Remember from the previous issue in our article about the 
Compatibility of Numbers that it is important to look at the 
whole chart when doing a compatibility reading.   When I say 
the whole chart, that means that I look at each interaction of 
the two people in the reading from one of five different 
areas: intuitive, emotional, physical (personality), 
intellectual and fate.  

This follow up article will provide you even more information 
on how I do those calculations and where they come from.  I 
hope you find it useful as we learn how the compatibility of 
the numbers is determined. 

First, keep in mind that I use the total birth certificate 
name when making these calculations as it represents the 
essence that you were born with and is the most detailed in 
it's numerological makeup.  To make the calculations in the 
reading I use the following numbers.  The Emotional aspect is 
made up of the vowels in the name. The Personality/Physical 
aspect is the Consonants in the name, the total of these two 
is the Intuitive aspect.  The Life Path indicates Intellect, 
and the total of the Life Path and the Entire name is the Fate 
number or the overall past karma you were sent here to work 
on.  This is the one defining past karma issue (or issues) 
which will stand out throughout your life, and therefore 
indicates a fate that may affect how the two of you may get 

It is always the full name on the birth certificate that is 
used, as I feel that this name holds the essential vibration 
of who you are, and seems to be the most vibrationally 
accurate in it's intent.   You should also use the full birth 
certificate name for you and another person, when trying out 
the free personality compatibility reading that is up at the 
website on this page:

After the calculations are done, the next thing to do, is to 
look at the type of compatibility that is being considered.  
For example a business compatibility is based more on the 
logical mind and this compatibility will be different then the 
personal compatibility which is more feeling based.    

To give you an idea of how this works, let's consider a few of 
the number compatibilities.  The personal compatibility of a 
'1' matched with a '2' is rated at 4 (out of 5, with 5 being 
the best), while the business compatibility of these same two 
numbers is rated at 5.  It is more desirable to have a leader, 
or someone with the leadership role in a business partnership 
than it is in a personal one, and this is why the rating is a 
bit higher.

Some of the other differences occur with the other numbers 
that represent practicality, and responsibility: 4, 8, and 22 
are three numbers that provide a higher rating for the 
business aspect than they do for the personal one.

In the personal compatibility sections a 2 gets higher marks 
here than the business number 2.   This is because the 2 from 
a personal relationship standpoint is more likely to get along 
with others when there is not a business commitment, or a deep 
responsibility or practicality issue involved.

Another important difference between these two types of 
partnerships occurs with when the number 6 is in any position 
in the chart.  This number represents marriage, family, and an 
attraction to beauty and elegance: a quality that is more 
important and more receptive within a personal relationship.   
In business relationships lower marks for this number appear in 
any of the five areas indicated.  The rating is most noticeable 
when a 6 is matched with another 6 in any one area, and here 
we have two people who are most likely conventional, and 
interested in the family life, and marriage which does not 
work so well with a business partnership.

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                 N A T U R E 
Nature Spirits All Around Us (pt. 3)   by Brett Simpson

Take some time to reacquaint yourself with the animals, 
plants, stars and spirits of your surroundings.  Each of these 
living beings has a story to teach us about our place on the 
planet, and the space we use.  

Spending just a few minutes in spiritual communion with the 
elements of your immediate surroundings can be extremely 
rewarding.  Keep notes of the interactions between any of the 
elements or beings that you recognize in your journal.  Make 
careful notes about the time of day, time of year (season), 
the weather conditions: was it sunny, rainy, hot or cold?   
Did these elements affect your conversation?   In what way?

You may notice that the time of day brings out certain 
elements that are not available during daylight hours.  You 
may also notice that your interaction with any of these 
elements and beings is different depending on the time of day 
or night that the interaction occurred.  If you are awakened in 
the middle of the night - take note of the time and try to 
communicate with the elementals that are active at that hour!

Yes, it can be a learning process, but a valuable one.  Try to 
group together elements, aspects, and creatures based on 
something you may have never considered before; for example 
list all elements, aspects, plants and animals that make you 
feel happy, or bring a smile to your face.  Develop an 
awareness that you may not have ever noticed before.  
Eventually, as you learn to make all of these Earth children 
important, you will seek out those that can provide you with 
the missing element or aspect that you most need at that time.
Keep your 'Happy List' handy, put it out where you can see it 
from time to time.   You may have others ask you about it.

Many of you have asked about the significance of being 
awakened at the same time every night - for example 2:33, or 
3:14, the same time every night for weeks on end.  It may be 
that the elementals of this particular time are trying to 
communicate an important message.  The significance of the 
numbers is not very important - since every person has better 
times for communicating with certain elemental beings than 
others, this just might be the best time for those beings to 
speak to you.  

The vibrational energy of these communications is not the same 
as the vibrational energy of numerological calculations and so 
this time cannot be used for determining a vibrational number  
that would provide any significance.  The vibrations of the 
numerology at that time are specific to you.  Since the 
elementals work in other frequency dimensions than our own, 
the symbolic numerology of this time is not as important 
as the manner (that it is being sent) and the message that is 
being transmitted to you.   

If you are awakened at the same time every night, take some 
time and relax, meditate, go inside, ask and determine what 
message is being sent to you.  You may find just the process 
of taking time to meditate is what is important for you, at that 
time, and that is why you are waking up at the same time every 
night!   Or you might find out that that this is the best time 
for you to meditate, or a good time to work on visualizing 
world peace.   Follow your heart, and you're certain to be 
shown the reason for being awakened.

         B O O K     R E V I E W
Affirmations                         1987 by Stuart Wilde
Review by Brett Simpson

It's a rainy Monday morning and I've turned off the computer 
because of a lightning storm!   I have settled in to finish a 
book I've been reading off/on for several weeks.   

It turns out that this morning I will finish it, and believe 
it to be one of the best in it's subject area.   The book is 
Affirmations by Stuart Wilde.  At first you may believe, as I 
did that 'uh oh, another book on how to say nice things to 
myself'.   But, this book is not like that at all.

Sure there are 22 potent affirmations throughout the text, and 
yes there is a discussion of affirming things in your life -
and here is the key.  Affirming to Stuart Wilde takes four 
very important steps: word, thought, feeling and action.   All 
four of these are required to truly accomplish the goal you 
are searching for.

Within this framework Wilde has written a book of incredible 
metaphysical depth for it's 150 pages.   I mean we have a full 
description here of Life Force,  energy in relationships, 
defining your goals, personal philosophy and identity, time 
and the nature of dreams, chakras, and even travels to other 
worlds through the use of meditation, dream work and trance 

There are a few diagrams as well, and detailed explanations.  
My favorites are the discuss of a tube which connects us to 
other realms (dimensions) of existence, and the discussion of 
what happens in a sage's mind when entering a tavern!

Here is a book for the intermediate explorer which has enough 
valuable information to keep you thinking and discussing for 
years.   I've been on a spiritual path for over half of my 
life, and I can honestly say that this book was affirming to 
me of the nature of reality and the importance that personal 
experience and an alternative philosophy plays in life.

Throughout the book you get the distinct feeling that Stuart 
is not someone who's making any of this up.  He has put in the 
work, spent hours of meditation time, and he describes waking 
up in the twilight hours every night to go into trance states.  
Clearly this is one 'guru' who walks his talk.   

He is also quick to praise those who have helped him along the 
way, and throws in a few references to Emanuel Swedenborg and 
his teachings.   There is a definite comparison here between 
the two men, as Wilde mentions that Swedenborg was a very 
practical man: he was the minister for mines in his country 
(Sweden), and he wrote hundreds of texts on geology.  
Swedenborg learned over a period of many years to 'penetrate 
the electromagnetic fence that binds human existence' 
according to Wilde. 

Along with this practical bent, which I can identify with 
Wilde goes on to state that he believes (like I do) that 'if a 
philosophy is going to work successfully you have to be able 
to haul it down to the bank on Friday and deposit it.'
Of all the positive and useful information in this book is one 
little exercise I feel would be extremely useful in today's 
modern 'too busy' society.  It calls for those seekers who are 
serious about finding their path to take 30 days and change 
everything about how they live, eat, and sleep; even avoiding 
family/friends for the period. 

Instead of listening to news, spend time in nature outside, 
fast for at least three days.   After it's over, according to 
Wilde, your mission or life quest will become clear.  Your 
sense of freedom will change, as will many other aspects of 
your life - I believe!   

RATING: 5/5 - A detailed metaphysical account of achieving your 
goals.  Good read for intermediate to advanced mystical seekers!
Highly recommended.
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td14affirm

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