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May 24, 2002                 Issue #13

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Welcome to lucky thirteen issue of our Ezine The Dreamtimes.

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In this issue:
-> Quotations of Value
-> Achievement - How Far Along are you?
-> Spirituality Article - The Compatibility of Numbers (pt. 1)
-> Tape Review - Psychology of Achievement - by Brian Tracy
-> Useful Resources For You

     Q U O T A T I O N S   O F   V A L U E 

"If we can use anything for fortune-telling why use the Tarot?  
The answer is, that any system will tell us something; the value 
of that something depends on the inherent wisdom of the system.  
Because the Tarot pictures carry deep significance all by 
themselves, the patterns they form in readings can teach us a 
great deal about ourselves, and life in general."

Rachel Pollack (Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot)
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td13seventy

"If there is one message to glean from this wisdom, it is that a 
meaningful life is not a matter of speed or efficiency.  It's 
much more a matter of what you do and why you do it, than how 
fast you get it done."

Steven Covey., (First Things First: To Live, to Love, to Learn, 
to Leave a Legacy)
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td13covey

                A W A R E N E S S 
The new poll is up, we're interested in knowing how far along 
you feel you are with your own lifetime achievements and goals?  
This one should be interesting.  

Choose from these options:
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Get up there and place your vote, or let us how far along you 
feel you are - it will help us all see just how others feel about 
achieving their lifetime goals. 

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            S P I R I T U A L I T Y
The Compatibility of Numbers (pt. 1)        by Brett Simpson

I have been asked many times about the compatibility of numbers 
and how to make a simple calculation to determine it.   I hope 
that this article can provide you with an understanding as to how 
I feel this should be done, and why.

The compatibility of numbers is something that is very complex, 
and should not be reduced to a simple calculation.   In many 
numerological references I see the number compatibilities 
outlined, for example: a 1 gets a long with a 2, but not as well 
as they get along with a 9. 

While there is some value to this type of compatibility 
calculation, it is more important to get the complete picture. I 
feel that it is important to calculate the entire numerological 
chart and to look at each of the separate areas and how the 
compatibility works in each area.  

I like to split the compatibility areas up into 5 sections: 
intuitive, emotional, physical (personality), intellectual and 
fate.   Each of these sections can be used to calculate a single 
number for each person.  These five areas are the key chart 
featured in the Dreamtime readings, and will allow you to 'see at 
a glance' - your compatibility with each other.

Of the five compatibility sections that are calculated it is also 
important to separate out the fate compatibility.  This is the 
part of the compatibility chart which looks at your overall fate 
or karmic lesson.  By expanding this one number it is possible to 
get a very good idea of the past karma lesson(s) to be learned in 
this life.

The fate number is calculated by adding together the Life Path 
number (from the date of birth) with the total birth name number 
(the entire name number).   I will expand on these other 
calculations in a separate article, but for now you can find 
sample calculation examples on the website at this page:

After the calculations are done, the next step is to make a 
detailed compatibility analysis of each section of the chart, 
looking at how the two of you match up, while keeping the overall 
compatibility in mind.   This is not always an easy thing to do, 
and some get caught up in just one area of the chart.  

There is a practice by some numerologists of calculating a 
'composite' number, which is adding the numbers of each of the 
two people together to get one number.  That number is then used 
to get a reading.  Through my  many years of calculations I have 
not found this number to be important or to have any value in a 
compatibility numerology reading.

This 'composite' number and calculation is different than a 
'synastry' reading.  A synastry reading looks at the comparison 
of your numbers, and is more similar to the calculation methods I 
am comfortable with.  Many of these 'added numbers' are not as 
important as looking at the actual number itself.

I do not find much value in this type of 'additive synthesis'. 
Why not?  Because I have a hard time understanding how this can 
work.  For example, I am a 1, you are a 2, together we are a 3 - 
or will become a 3.  Logically and intuitively this does not 
apply to two people together, in any circumstance.  I'd be 
happier knowing the type of number 1 I am - personality, or 
intellectually, and the type of 2 you are, emotionally, or 
intuitively?  From this point I feel it is easier to make a 
determination on the overall compatibility than by looking at the 
3, 4, 5, or whatever number we add up to.  Imagine if your added 
number was a 5, is that a 4+1, or a 3+2?   These are two very 
different 5's in numerology.   I think you can understand my 
feelings on this point.

Once the compatibility of the five sections is calculated they 
are all weighed with different weights applied to the numbers 
depending on whether it is the business or personal compatibility 
we are looking up.    Throughout the compatibility reading that 
we offer, I like to include as much information about personal, 
as well as business relationships  between the two of you.   It 
makes the reading apply to any type of relationship, and it adds  
value to see both of these types of expressions (personal 
and business) in one reading.

Discussing both of these aspects in the reading can show two 
people how they will get along within any situation. Not only 
does the compatibility reading feature bonus dimensions not 
available in other readings, but the extra business and personal 
information has proven to be very useful to a number of people.  
The total weight is then calculated to give the overall 
compatibility rating (from 1-5 on the scale that I use).

For more information have a look at our compatibility readings, 
you can see the sample chart at this page:

FREE - Get your own Personality/physical compatibility number 
calculated for you (and another) in a free reading at this page:

Note that the personality/physical attraction is probably the one 
that attracted you initially, and overall one of the lower 
weighted compatibility numbers, since it is not the physical 
attraction that will keep you together in the long run.  It does 
show you what will keep you attracted to each other physically.

I hope you have enjoyed this little discussion on number 
compatibilities and that you find it useful in your own 
relationships.   Look for a follow-up article next time with more 
information on how the numbers add up.

Find your own Personality/physical compatibility number 
calculated for you and someone else at this page:

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         A U D I O / T A P E     R E V I E W
Psychology of Achievement            1994 by Brian Tracy
Review by Brett Simpson

The Psychology of Achievement is an incredible set of two tapes 
that is packed with methods and plans for setting goals, and 
accomplishing them.   I was very impressed by listening to this 
tape set from Achievement author Brian Tracy.

Most  'Achiever Gurus' are so intent on reaching or achieving 
goals that they neglect the spiritual and creative aspect of 
achievement.  Brian Tracy is not one of those gurus.  His ability 
to inspire you is great, and his detailed concepts and ideas are 
spectacular and powerful in their nature.  

He tells you in plain and simple details, and in less than two 
hours of audio, how to accomplish (achieve) any goal, while still 
maintaining your creative sense, and your spiritual intent.   
Tracy places great emphasis on keeping your creative self active, 
he recommends simple/positive and organic means for doing this, 
such as solitude, being in nature, and taking time to let the 
creative side of your mind incubate on the problem. 

On the first tape Tracy presents a simple plan for you to feel 
like an achiever - these are simple plans, but powerful.  For 
example, he recommends waking up, and feeling active, happy, and 
awake.   Taking the time in the morning to re-define your goals 
every morning.  Write them out, and then spend several minutes 
visualizing yourself achieving or in the environment of your 
accomplished goals.  This is powerful and incredible useful 
material.  Try it, even for a few days and see how it works.

This material is enhanced by the enthusiasm that the author shows 
when presenting his ideas.  He has a voice and tone throughout 
this tape that helps you to realize how important this material 
is to him, and how closely he is  connected to seeing that others 
are able to use it in achieving their own goals and finding their 
own purpose.

What are the characteristics of genius according to Tracy?  
Highly creative men/women approach any problem as if there is a 
solution.  Successful people look for a logical solution, they do 
not give attention to the problem.  They control the use of their 
own language and focus on 'situations', 'challenges' or 
'opportunities' rather than on 'problems'.    

Like many others, Tracy recommends the use of written goals.  
This is something that has been well tested and it is known that 
writing down a goal, or solution is key to beginning to achieve 
or succeed in the challenge, or goal.  He also recommends that 
you 'try to determine what is right, before worrying about what 
is possible.'  'Think and talk only about the solutions.'  Be 
positive, think about the solutions, focus on them, do not think 
about problems or the challenge that lies ahead.

Here's a Brian Tracy method for making a decision. Choose one 
choice and make a decision, making a decision is better than no 
decision at all.  80% of all decisions should be made 
immediately.  If you have to put off a decision, you can resolve 
the stress/worry by putting up deadline to yourself.  Assign 
responsibilities to others or count on implementing the solution 
yourself.  'Decide on who is to do it, to what standard, with 
what resources, and in what way?', then set a deadline on when it 
is to be completed.   

Regarding brainstorming: the ideal number is 4-7 people.  The 
ideal time period is 30-45 minutes, and thirdly, concentrate on 
generating the most ideas in the shortest period of time.

At the end of the tape Tracy states his 'purpose of life', which 
is something that I agree with.  He believes that we must develop 
loving relationships with others in order to feel like we are 
whole.  We must visualize ourselves in the correct environment, 
setting/achieving goals, and learning to love ourselves.  After 
we have learned to love ourselves, we must practice by giving it 
away.  The more you give away - the more you get back.  The 
happiest people in the world have been loving/caring people.  
Learn to love yourself, learn to give that love to others and you 
will soon accomplish the goal of achieving your own human destiny.  
Now that's one heck of a goal!

To find out for yourself visit Brian Tracy's website at:

Sign up for his Free Newsletters - I highly recommend them, they 
are packed with useful information.  Also have a look at some of 
the programs he offers on the site - some of them are action 
packed and loaded with resources and well-defined secrets on 
achieving, mastering your time, and getting what you want out of 

Brian Tracy's website is located at:

More info on purchasing this series at Amazon:

RATING: 5/5 - Find your way to higher achievement by using your 
own creative energies, and focusing on goal visualization.  
Highly recommended.
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td13achieve

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