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April 26, 2002                 Issue #11

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Welcome to the eleventh issue of our Ezine The Dreamtimes.
       *% E A R T H   D A Y   I S S U E %*

In this issue:
-> Quotations of Value
-> The Dreamtime Marketplace
-> Nature - Earth Day Poll
-> Nature website recommendation - Earthday.org
-> Nature website recommendation - Turn The Tide
-> Spirituality/Healing Article - Huna healing from Hawaii (pt. 2)

     Q U O T A T I O N S   O F   V A L U E 

"More people are prepared to think globally because of the 
perversity of pollution.  Now is the time to 'act locally'. 
EarthRight shows how."

H. Patricia Hynes (Earthright: Every Citizen's Guide or What You 
Can Do in Your Home & Community to Save Our Environment)
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/a/t.cgi?td11earthright

"A major factor in establishing the proper frame of mind for 
voyaging in an Earthship is that an Earthship is not a house.
A house as we know it is an out-of-date concept, no longer 
appropriate for human life on Earth.  With this understanding we 
will not be trying to make an Earthship into a house.  An 
Earthship is a vessel to take care of us in the world of 
tomorrow, when population and global abuse will be realities to 
reckon with."

Michael Reynolds, (Earthship: How To Build Your Own)
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/a/t.cgi?td11earthship

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                   N A T U R E 
                 Earth Day Poll

The new poll is up, and in the spirit of Earth Day, 
I've chosen an environmental theme.  Choose your favorite
way to celebrate Earth Day, or let others in on what you did
by entering 'other' text.

Visit the homepage at The Dreamtime to vote at:

          N A T U R E    W E B S I T E 
Earthday.org                          Featured Website(s)

In honor of Earth Day last Monday, we must highly recommend 
the Earth Day website which is an amazing resource for 
anyone interested in helping to heal the environment.

Go to this site to find just about anything you need related 
to environmental consciousness.  There is information on 
the World Summit on Sustainable Development, community and 
car-free information, global tree planting, and Take Action
pages that provide you with the information you need to 
be a more responsible ecological citizen.

Place your group, or find a group to Take Action with in 
the Worldwide Network Directory - yes, the whole world 
is listed.   You can also find an event near you in the 
calendar.  Check out All-Species parades, fairs and musical 
events that are happening near you, some of them are still 
going on!  Two of my favorites here were the Missouri 
festival which featured a parade, and Environmental Survivor 
game, and the North Carolina celebration with music, 
storytellers, 4 stages with 16 musical groups, workshops, 
yoga, dancing and 125 booths.

There is even a link to Grist Magazine, an online magazine 
created by the Earth Day network which provides updated 'Daily 
Grist' and ongoing information of interest.  A store with 
food/clothing is featured too - the link is bad in places, so you 
can find it here: http://www.earthday.org/store.htm

A site like this is a treasure trove of resources and reminders 
that is healing for the soul and the Earth.  It is highly 
recommended that you visit today.

Visit Earthday.org:

          N A T U R E    W E B S I T E 
Newdream.org/turnthetide/                   Featured Website(s)

At the Center for a New American Dream (which I also recommend, 
and will review another time), they have a really great Turn 
the Tide site setup with 9 actions for the planet.  As part 
of our Earth Day feature issue, we wanted to make everyone 
aware of this 'site with a plan'.

Each step is a simple process that can  help save our planet 
one step at a time.  With each step you are given a clear 
explanation of the issue, and also told to invite a few friends 
to also try it too.   Some of the issues featured are: 
skip a car trip, replace a beef meal, stop junk mail, eliminate
pesticide use, and reduce water usage.  As each person that 
visits the site and signs up completes the steps, the cumulative 
total of 'Saved Water', 'Less CO2', 'Saved Trees', etc. as 
well as your own personal total is saved and displayed on 
the site.   Though, unfortunately if you're not logged in, 
and you take action, it might not show up as completed.

There are even forum discussions for important topics such 
as 'Getting Rid of Junkmail', 'Buying Green', 'Quality of Life', 
'Social & Environmental Justice', and 'Parenting in a Commercial 

The site also features live chats with special guests from 
time to time, a quote gallery, and listserv archives of popular 
mailing lists (no longer supported or saved).  One feature 
I also recommend is the partners page which lists those who 
have partnered with the Turning The Tides program.  You can 
see each groups cumulative impact, as well as visit the home 
pages of these sites for more information.

Visit Turn The Tide:

      S P I R I T U A L I T Y / H E A L I N G 
Huna healing from Hawaii (pt. 2)          by Brett Simpson

We will begin our further discussion of huna philosophy and 
thinking by examining how memory is stored in our body, and 
how our body acts on signals it receives from it's multiple 
nerve centers (or brains).   It is likely that I will have 
to extend this article into a third part to cover the comparison 
of huna with other religions and healing modalities.

Many people (including psychologists) believe that memory has a 
physical location in our brain.  In other words they believe that 
each specific memory has a spot in our brain where it is stored, 
much the same way that our modern computers work.

This could not be further from the truth, and it is something 
that the kahuna teachers were well aware of.  It has come to be 
known by those in the medical profession that there are a number 
of nerve centers in our body.   In fact, recently it has been 
shown that the number of nerve ending in our hearts (as well as 
stomachs, and digestive system, and sexual organs) is equal to 
the number of nerve endings in our brains!   These separate 
brains even communicate with each other.  See Spirituality & 
Health magazine, Spring 2002, p. 38-41. http://www.spiritualityhealth.com

In the Hawaiian language the separation of our hearts, minds and 
bodies is discussed, however there is also a great unifying 
energy or spirit which embraces all of these parts to create a 
whole.  This type of spiritual aspect is something which has been 
removed from much of modern science/medicine since the very early 
days of scientific discoveries, when it became popular to believe 
that by breaking down a system into it's many parts, we could 
understand the workings of the entire system without 
including the spiritual aspect.  Initially the spiritual aspect 
was included in all discussions (as ether, or aether), however it 
is no longer included, and it is my belief that this has caused 
the greatest lack of understanding of our bodies and selves as 
unique spiritual beings.

To continue now with the huna explanation.  We will look at how 
the parts of the system are explained.  The kahuna knew of three 
main aspects, they were described as our heart (body and 
subconscious), known as the Unihipili (the lower part, or animal 
spirit within us).  Our mind (and physically conscious body), 
known as Uhane, and the spirit self (over soul or higher 
conscious mind) known as Aumakua.  

The three parts in order are as follows:
1. Unihipili = Heart - lower self
(good at remembering but poor at reasoning)
the creator of emotions.

2. Uhane = Mind - middle self
(good at reasoning, emotions, but cannot remember)
the thinker, creator of thought, and reasoning aspect.

3. Aumakua = Spirit - higher self (holds our perfect image, 
connection to spirit)
the spirit, connection to God.

As you can see, it is the 'heart' aspect of our self, that stores 
memories (as emotions) in our physical body. It is the lower self 
which remembers everything.  The higher self cannot communicate 
directly with the lower self, though the lower self can 
communicate directly with the higher self.  A thin shadowy cord 
'aka' connects the high self to the lower self.  Communication is 
made between the two by the flow of 'mana' up the cord from the 
lower self to the higher self.

The higher self can ask the middle self for communication 
from the lower self, but only if there are no emotional 
blockages. Guilt and fear are two such emotions which prevent the 
lower self from communicating. 

It is clear to the Polynesian people who developed the huna 
philosophy that the Unihipili is responsible for the placement of 
memory within the body.  When we learn things it is stored in the 
physical imprint in our bodies, because the learning or thinking 
aspect (Uhane) uses emotions to help it learn.  Referring 
back to part one of this article, remember that the Aumakua is 
the higher conscious mind which contains a perfect vision of our 
own body.  It is this mind the kahuna knows holds a perfect 
image; a template or perhaps the morphogenic field that Rupert 
Sheldrake speaks of.  When we do something that is not in 
alignment with our Unihipili 'heart' than we create tension in 
our body which stays there until the Unihipili realizes or 
understands the problem and releases the pain, fear, guilt, shame 
(or whatever associated emotion there is), and relaxes back to 
it's natural state of perfection and harmony.

It is my belief that the Unihipili's of each of us are 
all connected together.  This means that when we are together 
our Unihipilis (or 'hearts') are interacting with each other to 
help one another stay in alignment.  This, I believe, is one 
reason why it is important for us to maintain social interaction 
and personal relationships.  They help us to maintain our 
Unihipili and keep us healthier!

In the next part of this series we'll examine more of the 
huna and compare it to other religions and healing modalities.

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            B O O K     R E V I E W
Shamanism As A Spiritual Practice For Daily Life
by Tom Cowan                  1996 - The Crossing Press

A well written and concise book that discusses everything 
anyone would want to know about shamanism.  It includes 
such interesting chapters as: Power Animals, The Shamanic 
Journey, Sacred Horizons, The Secrets of Childhood, and 
Drumming Groups and Journey Ideas.

I've read many books on shamanism, though I must say that
most of them are too academically written to offer much 
in the way of a daily practice.  This book ends that trend, 
by offering everything a modern society shaman would want: 
daily practice exercises, and many example journeys that 
may be used for personal healing or soul retrieval.

Learn about the beginnings of shamanism and how it has changed 
in today's society, yes airport security is even discussed: 
have you ever taken your drum on a plane and had to explain why?
You will also learn about the main element of shamanic practice: 
the journey. Learn how to take your own journeys to places of 
power as you journey in the lower, middle and upper world.  

Basically a journey is altered awareness travel that is 
accompanied by a continuous/repetitive drumbeat.  First you learn 
to meet your power animal, and everyone has one.  This is an 
animal that offers special powers of wisdom, knowledge, or 
information that it wishes to share with a human companion.  Many 
times it may be an animal that you held an affinity for, but not 

Your power animal is unique to you, and it will accompany you 
on most of the journeys in this book.  The journeys listed here 
are very well described, and offer a broad range of subject 
areas, from dream journeying, to healing and power animal 
retrieval (a journey that allows a shamanic practitioner to restore 
some of the values of a lost power animal).  

There is also information on the shamanic calendar, vision 
quests, near death experiences, the four directions, local 
spirits and an entire chapter on how to include children, or 
at least get them interested.  I highly recommend this book for 
anyone with an interest, and, as this is our Earth Day issue, I 
hope everyone is able to find a copy (click the link below for 

RATING: 5/5 - A concise and pure explanation of shamanic 
practice. Perfect for anyone who wants to get started;  an 
experienced shamanic practitioner will also find value 
in the many journeys discussed.
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/a/t.cgi?td11shaman

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