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April 12, 2002                 Issue #10

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Welcome to the tenth issue of our Ezine The Dreamtimes.


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In this issue:
-> Quotations of Value
-> The Dreamtime Marketplace
-> Healing - Aromatherapy Poll
-> Spirituality/Healing Article - Huna healing from Hawaii (pt. 1)
-> Arts website recommendation - Half.com
-> Music Review - Northern Cheyenne Flute - by Joseph Fire Crow
-> Free Aroma Essence Reading....

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                 H E A L I N G 
               Aromatherapy Poll

The new poll is drawing some interesting conclusions!
We asked you about which Aromatherapy methods you use most.
I'll leave the poll up for a few more days to give everyone
a chance to answer, but here's where it stands right
now (in order of most used methods to least used):

Vaporizer/Diffuser.... 26.7%
Personal/Skin Care.... 26.7%
Bath ................. 20%
Other ................ 20%
Massage ..............  6.7%
Some of the 'Other' choices are: candles and incense, 
healing the soul, relaxation, and lifting spirits.

Visit the homepage at The Dreamtime to vote at:

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      S P I R I T U A L I T Y / H E A L I N G 
Huna healing from Hawaii (pt. 1)          by Brett Simpson

Huna is the traditional ancient esoteric wisdom from Hawaii.
It is perhaps one of the most respected mystical traditions
on Earth, and I don't mention this without a great respect
for the others.

Let's start with a little background.   In my search for a
'root race', Hawaii certainly stands out as one of the
few cultures which may acknowledge that they were among 
the first people on the planet.  Many believe that they are
our ancient ancestors who lived on Mu, and that Hawaii may
even be Mu (the peaks of it) before it sunk under the ocean.

The word Huna means secret in modern meaning (most likely
because the Huna principles had to be kept secret from
Christians who visited the islands in our modern history).
Hawaiian words hold many meanings - rather than just one,
it also means invisible essence, or life-force energy.
While many believe that Huna is a belief system, or religion,
it is also a way of life for traditional Polynesian people.
It is this spirit that has infused the culture that created
words such as 'Aloha', which I initially believed to mean 'I
give you my love'.  Aloha also has many meanings, not only
does it mean 'hello' and 'goodbye', and 'love', but it has a
deeper meaning of 'sharing our joyful life force energy in
this moment'.  Now, if that is not the quintessential way of
greeting and saying goodbye, I don't know what is!

Through this 'aloha' spirit, the people of Hawaii created a
way of life that supports the interconnectedness of every
living thing (at least every living thing which holds mana -
or the vital life energy).  Mana resides in all things,
plants, animals, people, as well as rocks, sand, water, and
even thoughts.    As you can see this is a beautiful system
of thought, based on love, energy and the life-force of all

Huna then becomes the esoteric wisdom which is shared by a
person which is known as a kahuna.  The kahuna understood the
interrelated aspects of all mana and would share this and
initiate and teach those who wanted to learn it.  Unfortunately
with the onslaught of the white culture it became hard for the
Hawaiian people to practice their own beliefs, and at one point
it was made illegal!  

The basic principles of Huna are as follows:
1. The world is what you think it is.
2. There are no limits.
3. Energy flows where attention goes.
4. now is the moment of power.
5. To love is to be happy with. 
6. All power comes from within.
7. Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

The Huna philosophy is based on four worlds and three selves.
The four worlds are represented as: 

1. Ike Papakahi - the Objective World (first level experience).
This is where most people live in modern society.  It is the
sensory world that is all around us, sounds, smells, tastes,
and feelings.  This world can only exist if we believe 
that we are all separate.  It is what allows us to compete
against one another, without realizing that we are truly
competing against ourselves. Exercise,  massage, herbs,
nutrition, and medical surgery and medicine represent the
healing at this level.

2.Ike Papalua - The Subjective world (second level experience)
In this world you realize that everything is alive and that
we are functioning within part of this living energy.  This
world may be thought of as the world of psychic phenomena, a
place where telepathy, empathy and clairvoyance happen all
the time.  It is very hard for many scientific thinking people
to acknowledge this world, as they are usually to busy looking
for facts.  telepathy, acupuncture and crystals are shamanic
healing types of this level.

3. Ike Papakolu - The Symbolic World (third level experience)
In this world everything is symbolic of everything else.  It
is a place where dreams express themselves to each of us,
metaphorically.  Dreamwork, and imagery are used to heal at
this level.

4. Ike Papaha - The Holistic World (4th level experience)
At this level everything is interrelated and  interconnected.  
There are no separate boundaries between any living thing at
this level of experience.  In this world shapeshifting and
the merging of human into animal is common.  The kahuna makes
use of any form of healing required to heal.   Since the
healer and the person being healed are the same person at this
level, it may be difficult to separate oneself from the
problems that are being healed!   

The three selves are the aspects of each human that allow us
to function.  According to huna philosophy there are three
aspects of our wholeness.
1. Unhane - the conscious and rational mind which functions
in daily decision making and thinking.

2. Unihipili - the subconscious mind or feeling self.  This
is where the emotions are connected to their source in our
Over-soul (or higher soul).  

3. Aumakua - the Over-soul the connection to the God spirit.
This aspect contains a template of our perfect and healthy
divine self.

The huna philosophy teaches that the Aumakua will provide us
with guidance and assistance, if we ask for it.  To make a
connection to the Aumakua it is necessary to have the correct
attitude of joy and appreciation for life.  

In the next part of this series we'll examine more of the 
huna nature of reality and how it fits in with other world 
religions and healing modalities.

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            M U S I C     R E V I E W
Northern Cheyenne Flute CD - Joseph Fire Crow |
1996 - Makache Music

This CD is pure in it's intentions and extremely well
performed. It combines the power and spirit of Native
American (Cheyenne) flute with the simplicity required
to keep it natural.  while there are many good Native
American flute players, there are few that can pull off
a recording of this caliber while still sounding fresh,
intuitive and of the Earth.   

I had never heard of Jospeh Fire Crow until about one year
ago, when I found out he was performing at a international
festival at a local college.  I did not happen to make it
to the performance, due to weather and time problems, but
I did seek out his music, and if this is any representation
of what he is capable of, we're in for many more powerful
CD's from this talented man.  

From the cover art (of Cheyenne beadwork) to the studio that
this CD was recorded in, we are looking at intimate Cheyenne
culture.    Only a few of the pieces feature additional
instruments, such as drums and synthesizers.  Two of these are
my favorites - the second track: Creator's Prayer which
features, Native American elder voices, animal effects and a
deep tribal drum, and also track 16: Wind In My Mind with
synthesizer and tribal drum.  The voices on 9: Round Dance
Song are also inspiring and emotional. Overall though, this
CD is one of pure Native American flute playing.  With each
piece we are told a short one paragraph story to explain the
meaning behind each piece and any special recording notes.

RATING: 4/5 - A very powerful CD, and yet, still one which
lends itself to late night listening.  May the joy of God
bless each of you and the Great Spirit be with you as you
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td10featchey

  S P I R I T U A L I T Y / H E A L I N G   R E A D I N G
I wanted to let all subscribers know about the new
Aroma Essence Reading in case you missed it.  We're 
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