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       Alternatives for a New World
Editor: Brett Simpson
December 7, 2001                Issue #1

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Exploring new and interesting topics in:
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Yes, it's here at last, the first issue of our visionary
Enewsletter designed to provide an alternative outlook on
topics of Nature, Spirituality, Culture and Healing.  I hope
to provide you with some informative and interesting topics,
  * Exclusive website previews of new features
  * Techniques for exploring your inner-self, and your
     friends using numerology and astrology
  * Ways that we are one with nature and our universe
  * Natural healing alternatives
  * Discussions of ancient and modern culture
I hope this publication can provide a way for us to share and
grow through the incredible times we are living in, and a
opportunity for each of us to learn from one another about the
spiritual and healing abilities that each of us have.

In this issue:
-> Quotations of Value
-> Sponsoring Products and Services
-> Spirituality Article - Moon Signs
-> Music Review - Drone Zone by Kay Gartner
-> Nature website recommendation - great site from Defenders
-> Nature action alert - Help STOP drilling in Alaska

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             S P I R I T U A L I T Y
Knowing Your Moon Sign             Written by Brett Simpson

Knowing your astrological Moon sign could play an important
part in understanding how you feel about the things that are
happening in your life.   Though many people know what their
Sun sign is, since it is common for us to ask and hear from
others 'What's your sign?' (we are asking about the Sun
sign), the Sun sign is more representative of the self that
you present to others, rather than the inner-self that is
feeling on a daily basis.  

Our recent poll showed that nearly 20% (1 in 5 people) are
not aware of what their Moon sign is!   According to our
home page poll (of visitors to The Dreamtime website), the
results (and qualities) of the Moon signs were as follows:
Aries - enthusiastic, independent  (7%)
Taurus - reliable, responsible     (5.3%)
Gemini - questioning, sociable     (7.5%)
Cancer - sensitive, intuitive      (8.94%)
Leo - generous, charismatic        (5.9%)
Virgo - wise, practical            (6.9%)
Libra - elegant, tactful           (6.7%)
Scorpio - mysterious, intense      (7.9%)
Sagittarius - restless, optimistic (5.8%)
Capricorn - ambitious, industrious (5.6%)
Aquarius - original, humanitarian  (5.9%)
Pisces - creative, sympathetic     (7%)
I Don't Know -                     (19.3%)

It's interesting to note that the numbers are not entirely
evenly distributed.  The highest number of visitors to the
website who know their Moon sign were Cancerian Moons.
Cancer as Moon Signs go, are known for their sensitive nature,
and nurturing instincts.  They are sentimental, deeply
emotional and protective of others in their close surroundings
such as their family and friends.

The Moon sign can be calculated by hand, though it is best to
use astrological software or a similar chart to find out what
your 'Moon sign is'.  Moon sign compatibility is one feature
of The Dreamtime we have been working on extensively since
many of you have asked for it.  It is now completed!  To check
your Moon compatibility with your friends and others visit the
site at:
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            M U S I C     R E V I E W
Drone Zone CD - Kay Gardner | 1996 - The Relaxation Company

I happened on to this CD by accident one night at the local
CD store and what a surprise!   Synchronicity was definitely
with me that night.  I had heard of Kay Gardner for many years,
as an expert in healing music, but this was my first chance to
hear some of her work.

This CD is titled with a purpose, as it features natural
droning backgrounds on which Kay Gardner adds her own haunting
flutes, ocarinas, rain sticks and pan pipe melodies.

The melodies are stunning and beautiful, and each has it's
own purpose.  For example on the first track Invocation Kay
plays a bamboo "saraswati" flute tuned to a scale honoring the
Hindu goddess of music and sciences.  The scale has the same
tones that occur in nature making it one of the best healing
scales in the world.

The nine tracks feature many cultural and natural drone sounds
featuring the tambura (India), Amazon insects, pipe organ,
Scottish pipes, and didjeridu (Australia of course).  I felt
that some of the pieces could have been extended into much
longer explorations, especially track 7 which uses a windsinger
(a home made tube based on a rhombus shape), and track 8:
Earth's Belly - the didjeridu track.  

There some longer tracks on the CD such as Invocation (9:02)
and Jungle Moon (11:47), however it would be nice to hear some
of the shorter explorations extended into longer and even more
expansive pieces, perhaps another disc is due?

RATING: 4/5 - A stunning late night disc with a healing drone
and peaceful calm that allows you to get a feeling of healing
space and deep mindfulness.  The longer tracks could be used
for unique healing sessions.
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/td/1/featured.html
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            N A T U R E   W E B S I T E 
Defenders of Wildlife                   Featured Website

Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all
native wild animals and plants in their natural communities.
Their focus is on the serious environmental threats to the
planet: the accelerating rate of extinction of species and
the loss of biological diversity, and habitat alteration
and destruction.

Their Today's News page is updated frequently (almost daily)
and provides great information on Right whales, saving the
Arctic, forest loss, achieving 'oil independence', information
on the Canada lynx, snowy owls.  They also publish four online
newsletters, as well as offer articles, law and policy updates
and special publications for reading at the website.

The adoption center gives everyone the chance to adopt a Wolf,
Snowy Owl, Bear, Polar Bear, Whale, Sea Otter, or Dolphin which
includes a nice stuffed animal that would make a great stocking
stuffer or gift this holiday season.  

Their message from the president outlines in detail the values
that they strive for, and the importance of protecting and
advocating wildlife conservation that will help keep species
from becoming endangered. As stated in the message it was Teddy
Roosevelt, a Republican president who built up our military at
the turn of the last century that was one of our nations
strongest advocates for wildlife and wild places.  He
established the national wildlife refuge system for the United
States as a 'point of honor to shield and protect all forms of
harmless wildlife'.  In this time of patriotism and grief
Defenders of Wildlife honors those American values and their
website earns our highest recommendation.

Visit Defenders of Wildlife:
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            N A T U R E   A L E R T ! ! !
Save the Arctic                  URGENT visit ASAP

It was a victory for the environmental movement as the
amendment filed to add the House Energy Bill, which
contained provisions that allow for the opening of the Arctic
Refuge to oil drilling was overturned by the senate!!!
It's still important though to let your congressmen and 
senators know how you feel about alternative energy.

This site created by Defenders of Wildlife is the most
comprehensive I could find.  It features a GREAT cartoon
animation (show it to your kids), updates, a description
of the issue in detail and listings of opinions by many

Visit the site and take action as soon as possible:
AOL Link

Another good site is Alaska Wild at:
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          F E A T U R E D   T R I B E 
Numerology TRiBe                    Community Feature

Visit at:
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Now that we have moved our TRiBes (discussion forums) over to
a new site that has many great benefits, it is important that
everyone visit their and register at that site, separately
from The Dreamtime.   We have paid for services with EZBoard
because they offer some great features, for example you can
upload a small photo of yourself, as well as place hyperlinks
directly into the messages that you write.  

Other great features of using EZBoard
1.) Rate messages so that others can view the best rated.
2.) Get flagged for message boards that have new messages
3.) Maintain your account, keep as much info private/public
4.) Great navigation links built into each board, we've made it
easy for you to jump from one topic to the other.
5.) Over 30 Tribal message boards, many topics from Spirituality
to Nature, Healing and Culture.

Find a list of ALL of the TRiBes at this page:
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