The Dreamtimes (issue #3) - Featured Information

Q U O T A T I O N S   O F   V A L U E
 Creating Money : Keys to Abundance
"As I do what I love, money and abundance flow freely to me. Finding your life's work allows you to create abundance and money easily. The job or activities that are meant to be your life's work involve doing what you love with your time and energy."

 Wherever You Go, There You Are : Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life
"Try: Seeing your own life this very day as a journey and as an adventure. Where are you going? What are you seeking? Where are you now? What stage of the journey have you come to?"

B O O K     R E V I E W
 You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience - by Bob Frissell
Rating 4/5 - A pointed and awakened explanation of our multi-dimensional existence and evolutionary advancement to the next dimension that is expected to happen within the coming decade via Earth changes and global awareness shifts.

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