The Dreamtimes (issue #2) - Featured Information

Q U O T A T I O N S   O F   V A L U E
 The Artists's Way : A Spiritual Path To Higher Creativity
"As we come to trust and love our internal guide, we lose our fear of intimacy because we no longer confuse our intimate others with the higher power we are coming to know."

 Time Shifting : Creating More Time To Enjoy Your Life
"And I'm not talking about meditating or being quiet and serious all the time. A critical part of being alive is our ability to have fun, and having fun often means going fast. What I'm urging is balance, a mindfulness that allows us to bring a different rhythm to our days. When we give it a chance, we'll discover a surprising truth: It's when we slow down that we show up."

B O O K     R E V I E W
 The Evolving Human : A True Story of Awakened Kundalini - by Penny Kelly
RATING: 5/5 - A powerful and personal account of spiritual evolutionary change from a feminine perspective that is both enlightening and sophisticated.

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