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Welcome to the Personal Awareness section! I'm excited to get this new section open, as many of you have expressed your interest in reading more about the tools and techniques available for exploring personal growth and increasing your potential. You may also want to head over to the business awareness page if you have an interest in achieving personal freedom and starting a business on your own.

First, I've been studying self-awareness, personal growth, and consciousness expansion for over 20 years. I feel that I have 'put in my time' in this field and I hope that my experience can help bring you to a new level of personal and spiritual consciousness. This section was created to help you explore areas in personal and spiritual growth which will ultimately lead you to:

  • A sense of purpose
  • Ways to achieve your goals
  • Methods for defining better future goals
  • Direction so you establish and achieve your goals.
  • Awareness of the spiritual aspect of your being.
  • Let's get right into the heart of the material. I'm going to do this in a way that will provide you with the most benefit as quickly as possible, and, I am also going to point out methods that you can use in a slower, more relaxed pace, and those which can help you for a continuous period of time.

    All of the techniques, methods, software and resource materials below are available and accessible to everyone at all levels on their path. I'll try to make note of the level of understanding required for each as I go along, pointing out what I believe should be learned or understood before going further.

    Remember, our universe is not one of linear thinking, the opinions, recommendations below are my own. You may find some of these work better, or less so for yourself, discovering the awareness to determine that ahead of time is also something I'll touch on.

    Resources for Personal Awareness
    Discover Meditation

    One of the first steps to achieving awareness, is to invite your spirit into a sense of wonder, and keep it there, without distracting or interfering with it's intentions.

    The power of meditation to accomplish this are well documented, and, there are some programs which tend to stand out above others in this area, you will find them to the right.
    - click for info -

    This Synchronicity package Om is a peaceful and blissful accompaniement to yoga and for quiet listening.

    - click for info -

    This Synchronicity package is one of my favorites. It is one that I have used for many years and still use frequently. This audio brings the brain wave patterns into a state of synchronicity which makes meditation easier, even for those who have never practiced it.
    Study Your Infinite Self

    One of my favorites for exploring the spiritual, Stewart Wilde is a leader, and one of the first to even discuss many of these topics.

    Learn how to see beyond the normal 'tick-tock' world into a profound and transcending state of consciousness.
    Very Highly Recommended!
    Find personal freedom and master your own destiny! Center your mind through alpha-meditation (the tape is included as one of the lessons), explore 'tiger-walking', the God Force method that includes abundance, inspiration and creative expression. Learn to go beyond ego-based thinking with this powerful audio course and book.

    12 Audio lessons (CD, or cassettes), and a book 'Weight Loss for the Mind', as well as a 33 steps to affirming your 'Infinite Self'.
    - click to listen to samples of, Infinte Self : 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power
    Use DreamsAlive Software

    This software program stands out among all others for creating a sense of the spiritual while you are working!

    I use it every day to help remind me of my dreams, goals, values and talents, and to inspire me to look within when going about my day.
    Highly Recommended!
    Discover Your Life's Dreams and Purpose
    Dream-Minder - discover and realize your Life's Dreams. For on-going support in articulating your purpose and bringing it to life, I highly recommend Dreams Alive software. It is helping me maintain clarity of purpose, create more balance in my life, and focus on what I truly desire.

    Created by Paul Bauer, Dream-Minder software helps you with more than just setting goals, it transforms your life. Dream-Minder is "Software That Frees Your Mind and Lifts Your Spirit".
    Enroll in Invisible Path to Success

    This incredible self-help manual lays out in detailed examples, methods for achieving just about anything in your life!

    The best part, you can try out the *FREE* 5 Lesson class to see how it feels for you, I recommend you do that right now.
    Very Highly Recommended!
    I feel this program is *extremely* valuable and may provide benefits to you like increased health, financial prosperity, and even help in attracting your soul mate. I've already noticed a profound sense of peacefulness, commitment, and fulfillment, and I've only been using the system for 30 days. I'm very excited about the additional benefits I'll receive as I continue to apply it.

    I highly recommend this course to everyone, try out the free lessons, then I recommend you purchase the full course, you'll find it very valuable, and worth far more than you can even imagine, like I have - Brett Simpson (The Dreamtime Website owner).
    - click for info, *Free* 5 Lesson Class -

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