KC Pocius

Who is the Word Circus

Brett E. Wyatt

The Word Circus was formed in 1993 by KC Pocius and Brett Emmerson Wyatt, two South Bend, Indiana poets. They started the troup with the hopes of encouranging other Poets with Original Voices to speak their mind. KC is an architect who studied poetry, and poetics throughout his career, including picking up Allen Ginsberg himself from the Airport at South Bend regional back in 1969. Brett discovered and created a new poetic movement tagged Etherialism which is sweeping America. The movement was established to foster an atmosphere of improved conversation between the common man, and the poet, without the use of 'concrete imagery'.

Their previous incarnation Vague Atmosphere was formed in 1987 (on the eve of a new era of rock 'n roll poetry). This poetry/music ensemble established the new art form of Electric Poetry with their first two full length album releases: Electric Poetry, and Words In Music. The CD's are available for purchase at MP3.com.

The duo has performed their unique version of Spoken-verse Poetry throughout the Midwest and they have hosted a regional Slam Event in South Bend, as well as maintained contact with Marc Smith, the 'founder of modern poetry slam competitions' (sometimes known as Plastic Maverick).

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