History of the Word Circus

The Word Circus formed nearly 200 years ago with ST Coleridge and his Pantisocracy decree. The tradition was handed down to Lord Byron, Shelley, Rosetti, and numerous other poets throughout history. Recently KC Pocius and Brett Emmerson Wyatt, two poets of the Rock & Roll tradition, and recently disbanded from Vague Atmosphere (because of too many complaints of the 'third ear' embellishing how poetry is heard); picked up the Word Circus baton, and high wire act, left behind by the bygone beats like Ferlinghetti, Kerouac, and of course "write about your a**hole" - Allen Ginsberg.

Their previous incarnation Vague Atmosphere was formed in 1987 (on the eve of a new era of rock 'n roll poetry). This poetry/music ensemble established the new art form of Electric Poetry with their first two full length album releases: Electric Poetry, and Words In Music. The CD's are available for purchase at MP3.com.

The duo has performed their unique version of Slam Poetry throughout the Midwest and are soon to begin recording their first Word Circus Album, as a follow-up to the two Vague Atmosphere cassettes....

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