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(Professional PLUS Upgrade Numerology Reading)

Take your reading a step further! Learn where and why the numbers are helping you, and where they may be holding you back. My 'in-depth' personal review will cover it all, and adding 3 Personal Questions will give you the deepest understanding.

Get your questions answered! Here's your chance - ask me 3 personal questions; anything you want (health questions are not answered) and I'll answer them in reference to your Numbers - a fascinating addition to your reading.

"The review is an awesome way to further personalize the report. I respect the way you approached the issues by saying, look... here you're going to butt heads, but here's where you compliment each other. Thank you so much for all of your help and effort !! You get an A++ in customer service and customer satisfaction !!"
Debbie M.
Oklahoma, USA

"The reading you sent me was fascinating to read and you answered my key questions stunningly accurately. I have been in a whirlwind of change for six years now, and I am really looking forward for things to quiet down a bit. Your explanation of the cycles and pinnacles and the forecast for the coming years were especially helpful... Thank You, Brett! "
A. Tuominen

Upgrade your Professional Reading (to a Plus) - includes 1.) personal hand typed review ($75.00 value for $57.00) of your reading and the keys to discovering the important aspects, and/or include 2.) 3 Personal Questions. I will personally answer 3 questions ($60.00 value for $47.00).

I understand that my investment of only $47.00 or $57.00 (or $77.00 for both) (special offer expires ) is completely protected by your "Unconditional" guarantee, and that I can keep my personal upgraded Professional Reading, and personal review (if I order one) and/or my 3 personally answered questions (if ordered).

There is absolutely no way I can lose because my investment of $70.00 $47.00 (for 3 personal questions) or $57.00 (for personal review) or $77.00 (for both the personal review and 3 questions) (introduction offer expires ) is completely protected by your "better-than-risk-free" guarantee. That means that I can put any and all of your materials to the test for 12 full months. If I'm dissatisfied for any reason - you will refund my entire payment with no questions asked. And that I can still keep my personal upgraded reading, and (personal review, if ordered, and/or my 3 personal questions). So no matter what I come out ahead. On that "better-than-risk-free" basis, here's my order for the "The Dreamtime Professional Plus Upgrade Reading"!

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"It is amazing to see how accurate this is"

" Thank you very much for the readings! I didnĀ“t expect them so soon so this was a wonderful surprise. It is amazing to see how accurate this is, absolutely incredible! "

--Frida J.

"I was very much amazed at the accuracy"

" I am extremely impressed with your interpretations, you are very talented at what you do. I was very much amazed at the accuracy and I love the exercises you include for people to try to understand what all their gifts and traits mean to them and how better to integrate their understanding of themselves. One more thing I noticed about your work, is the way you use potential but leave it open ended. I am really impressed by that. "

--Wendy C.
Seattle, USA


- 136 Pages in PDF format (readable on any computer) -

Bonus (a $20 value): I will also include my new Ebook - Discover Your Life Path (136 pages). This book provides you with detailed information on *EVERY* Life Path that can be calculated - you can calculate the Life Path of your friends/relatives using the EASY Blank forms included. The book includes over 3,000 Life Paths of famous people. You'll hold a secret that others don't have with this great book.


- 15 Pages in PDF format (readable on any computer) -
Bonus (a $10 value): I will also include my new Ebook - Understanding Your Dreamtime Professional Numerology Reading (15 pages). This book provides you which gives you step by step details on how to get the most from your Professional Reading!

- A Personal Review of your Reading -
Bonus (a $75 value): , I will personally review your reading and make suggestions about how to better achieve your Life Purpose, goals, ambitions, and relationships!

- Answers to 3 Personal Questions -
Bonus (a $60 value): Remember, that if you order by , I will answer 3 of your own Personal Questions regarding any aspect of your life (I'm sorry health questions cannot be answered).
(This is an introductory offer for a limited time, purchase now)

Special Note: Your personal reading is delivered online (within 48 hours) except for weekends/holidays when processing time may be a little longer.

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