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This sample from our 30 Page Professional Numerology Reading sample.

As you travel through your life you will journey through 9 year cycles of opportunities, learning and growth. The 9 year cycles begin on the day you are born with the energy of your Life Path number and they continue throughout your life. Each year is represented by a Personal Year Number which is calculated from your date of birth. The power of each personal year is felt from 1-3 months prior to the actual calendar year (January 1), and can also be felt for up to 1-3 months after the end of the calendar year (December 31). Note that these cycles fall on the actual calendar year, but the Pinnacles occur and change only on your date of birth.

As you learn to work with your own personal year influences you will find that they provide you with a balance and rhythm which you can use to assist you in your journey. You can then learn to work with the specific aspects of each personal year and to apply them to the tools and skills which are present in your chart as your Life Path, Soul Urge, Outer Expression and within your Planes of Expression. These techniques may help you make better decisions about which way to go, or provide you with thoughtful and careful consideration for methods or ideas of change.

This is a time of knowledge and spiritual introspection. You may seek sanctuary from the noise to study the mysteries of life; a tall task but one that you are open to during this year. You would do best to take some rest during this year and to work on intellectually stimulating your mind and your spiritual awareness. You enjoy knowledge and metaphysics and you will truly set your goals toward finding your mission in life during this year. Think back on the growth you experienced in the prior years and your personal experience. This is a time to reflect and grow. Your Soul Urge contains information on skills and tools that may help you best through this period, take a look at it now and determine ways in which you can apply those talents toward overcoming any issues that may come up throughout the year.

You will be extremely interested in knowledge and personal awareness, especially if it is learned through spiritual awareness. You should think about and create a new mission for your life plan during this year if you can. It will come to you with great clarity especially during the months of September/October or November. Take the time to find inner strength and relaxation or try to get into a regular routine of meditation - it will provide you with a strength of purpose and silent knowing that you seek.

You require love, understanding and compassion from your mate and relationships throughout this time. You may seek to get away from others more than usual and so you might have to explain this to those close to you who may not understand. You will come to find an inner strength that will bring you a great energy and a practical emotional support that you need as you move into the next few years of achievement and compassion.

You must search out inner knowledge and some freedom from the cares of life in general for a needed rest - take extra time to read and follow your intuition during this period - it will serve you well. There will be many opportunities to explore the wonders of the world - in nature especially. Your peaceful kingdom will inspire you throughout this time.

January - money, success issues, February - humanitarian, emotional concerns, March - new beginnings, April - cooperation, partnership, May - self-expression, June - security/stability, July - adventure, travel, August - family and responsibility, September - spiritual knowledge, October - money, success issues, November - humanitarian, emotional concerns, December - new beginnings

This is a year of achievement and success in every area of your life. Opportunities will present themselves from all angles and you may not know where to start. You will come to find your own sense of power and security as you work through issues of achievement and advancement. This is a time to push forward with your dreams and ideas on improvements and success. Your sense of organization and efficiency help you plan and set goals that will bring you the success you desire. You must also remember to take the feelings of others into consideration as you apply yourself toward your goals.

Your practical and analytical mind during this time will help you sort out all of the many options you have. Your ambition and powerful organization skills will be evident too - you must certainly have success during this time. Overall this is a time for action and for attaining the material things you seek out. Don't let this period slip by and you will surely find the true usefulness you desire. You may have to travel for business to take care of responsibilities that come up there. Take a look at your Existence number and Birthday number and at the traits that suit you in your Planes of Expression. This is a good time to learn to implement them as you move forward toward your long-term goals.

You will grow quickly through this time. Remember to maintain an understanding and awareness for others as you strive to achieve your goals. The best rewards will come to you while you are working to serve others, rather than reaching for your personal goals.

You will find that this is the best year for actions and ideas; improvement and strong mental learning. Use it well and you will be prepared for the powerful spiritual awareness in store for you next year.

January - humanitarian, emotional concerns, February - new beginnings, March - cooperation, partnership, April - self-expression, May - security/stability, June - adventure, travel, July - family and responsibility, August - spiritual knowledge, September - money, success issues, October - humanitarian, emotional concerns, November - new beginnings, December - cooperation, partnership

This is the year of completion and of spiritual awakening to humanitarian causes. This year brings an end to your 9 year cycle and so it is a time for wrapping up any loose relationships or things which have no more value in your life. You will find that it is best to get rid of all of those things which have no function in your life during this time as you make room for something new.

You should consider paying off all of your debts so that you can prepare for the exciting new cycle to follow. You will have a sense of completion in many aspects throughout this time: from relationships to past financial issues this is a great time to deal with them. Cast out any of these old relationships or material things which no longer serve you, or help you in your quest for serving others and completing your goals. You should also forgive anyone you are at odds with or not getting along with. As you do this let the forgiveness become part of your demeanor as you move through the rest of the 9 years in this cycle. The compassion that you find this year will certainly provide you with a wisdom and understanding that will serve you through the remainder of the years as you apply yourself toward achieving your true goals.

As you work through this period you have a renewed sense of spiritual awakening and you will do everything you can to serve others through this time: you will be highly creative and social too. Your strong personal values and ideals will influence you during this time greatly, and you will find your greatest strength in completing your goals, as you clean up and let go of old past issues which may still be lingering. This year will bring the fruits of the labor that you have worked so hard on during the past 8 years! Your dreams and plans can only be fulfilled as you follow a path of charity and service this year. Your health may need to be rebuilt and prepared, as well, for the next cycle. Remember to find nourishment and fulfillment in the relationships and small contact that you make every day with those around you.

January - new beginnings, February - cooperation, partnership, March - self-expression, April - security/stability, May - adventure, travel, June - family and responsibility, July - spiritual knowledge, August - money, success issues, September - humanitarian, emotional concerns, October - new beginnings, November - cooperation, partnership, December - self-expression

This is a year for new beginnings: a new business or project may be started, or you may move into a new home. You will work independently and with originality toward your goals. Try to spend extra time this year paying attention to the lessons, talents and skills that your Life Path number has created for you. These skills may become especially helpful for you at this time; as you will use them to your full advantage with the courage and confidence that you have during this first year of a new nine year cycle. The future is waiting for you to act at this time. As you update your plans and decisions for the coming months keep this in mind. Spend extra time during the year preparing a plan of action for what lies ahead of you. You have an especially powerful sense of direction and determination during this year so you should take advantage of it and spend some of this time preparing yourself for what lies ahead. Keep in mind that the next two years are ones of cooperation (partnership), and self-expression (sensitivity).

You will try new many things throughout this year with a confidence and perseverance to reach your goals. The opportunities for exploring and adventuring may be more than you imagined at this time. It is truly a time for determining future plans and for accepting your strength and abilities as you work toward a new self-awareness that is uniquely yours.

This year begins a new 9 year cycle for you; and so it is a very important year. You will be taking charge of your life with full confidence; while last year you were more interested in letting go of extra demands. This is a great time to go for your dreams and pursue something different: a new job or career, a new house or a new business opportunity or chance to start your own business will present itself at this time; you will become aware of it as it is based on your own intuition and creativity. Your powers for recognizing these types of opportunities will be in full bloom too, so keep your eyes, ears, heart and mind open for a new direction that may drastically change the course of your life!

You must maintain a self-discipline and strong sense of purpose as you pursue your goals during this time, but overall this will be a year of great opportunity and independence for you. A new awakening awaits you during this time. Double check your calendar and try to determine how you were affected 9 years ago at this time: you will most likely notice that something novel and exciting is waiting for you.

January - cooperation, partnership, February - self-expression, March - security/stability, April - adventure, travel, May - family and responsibility June - spiritual knowledge, July - money, success issues, August - humanitarian, emotional concerns September - new beginnings, October - cooperation, partnership, November - self-expression, December - security/stability

This sample from our 30 Page Professional Numerology Reading sample.

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