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Numerology Birth Date

The birth date (birthdate) in numerology  is very important in forecasting. If you are looking for the time periods in your life (such as the Pinnacles, or Challenges), then you will use the date of birth to make those calculations.  The birth date is usually found on the birth certificate if it is not known.

Using the birth date in numerology you can make a simple calculation to determine the overall Life Path, the Foundation Number (single-digit Life Path), or to make monthly, yearly predictions. You will be happy to now that with the double-digit Life Path calculation there are nearly 60 unique life purpose numbers that can be calculated, and many of those are the result of larger 3 digit numbers, making this calculation very valuable for determing your true life purpose.

See the additional pages to go further into the calculations that can be made with the birth date. You will find that this number is key to much of numerology, but not all, as the name numbers (converted from a basic numerology chart) are slightly more important when it comes to understanding the personality traits or demeanor of someone.

Life Path Number The Life Path numbers is the single most important calculation you can make with the birth date. Check the information on this page to go further.
Foundation Number  A single digit life path number, results in the Foundation number. While it does not include as much information about the life purpose, it still contains the base (foundational) life path number.
Monthly Numerology The monthly numerology calculation will tell you much about how your month will go. Use this with the yearly, and daily numbers and you will have an excellent way of seeing what may be ahead.
Yearly Numerology With the personal year number calculation you can find out the basic vibrational energy for the year ahead.


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