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Number 1

The number 1 is the aspiration of humankind, what we hope to achieve.  It is everything and all included into one.  It represents God, Human, the Sun and the heart in your physical body.  From the 1 all things begin.  It is a masculine number, the aloneness, originality, and positivity.  The element is fire and from the 1 all things come (at least from this point forward, we will see later how the zero (0) holds even more power). 

It represents drive, ambition and achievement.  All numbers revolve around the 1 vibration and so it comes to represent all of humanity. It is the center of all illusion and matter.  The soul extended down from spirit above, indicated by willpower.

Number One

Historically the 1 indicates being 'One with God', the male phallus, a point (in geometry), and God the Father. Because it appeared first it was thought of as unity, and goodness (especially in male dominated societies), and because it represents masculinity it is considered bad (in female dominated societies).

The Number 1

This number represents that all things are, at their essence, really 'one thing'. There is a single (one) whole which has created religious and even mystical tradition that identifies unity and singleness with goodness and anything that deviates from that (diversity and difference) as something bad.

In all religions the essence of the belief is that of One God (even within Christianity, where the Trinity is well known, the eventual source is always One.) At first 'one' was thought of as not even being a number at all since all other numbers are made from it. It was seen as including the opposites of odd and even, and therefore of including all other opposites in the universe. Because of this the number 10 was seen as completion and perfection since it completed the series of numbers (1 through 9) and it brought them back to unity (numerologically 10 = 1 + 0 = 1).

Numerology 1

The number one is often assoicated with leaders and heros, but the number also holds special significance symbollically as originality, independence and achievement (especially physically). The early numerologists all considered this number the first, and therefore the essential beginning of the number series. When it is featured in a reading it usually means that being alone, and understanding what that mean will become very important.  

Numerology Number 1

The number 1 has the following character traits associated with it: powerful and dominating in personality. Individualistic and extremely original as well as creative (in an intellectual sense). An inspiring leader who is also inspired. A pioneer. Excellent at starting new projects. Determined and efficient. The negative aspects include: stubborn and contrary. resentful of authority. Inable to seek out advice and follow it. Very single-minded, egotistical, proud, impatient and may be quick tempered. May be very difficult to deal with, personality wise.

Numerology Name 1

In a name the number 1 gives affects the other numbers in the name by giving a determined an assertiveness to the personality.

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