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Life Path Number

The Life Path in numerology is one of the most important parts of your reading. This one number, calculated from your date of birth will give you a wealth of information on how you should consider achieving your goals in this lifetime.

It comes down to reducing the numbers in your month, date and year of birth into the basic numerology numbers (1 through 9, and 11, or 22).  You than must add up those three numbers to get the Life Path. An example follows below.

As a practicing numerologist for the last 20 years I prefer to have a double-digit calculation for the Life Path. Many people prefer to use a single digit number, but I feel that the double digit number always provides more information and helps provide you with additional information that you would not get with a single-digit calculation. Because the single-digit calculation occurs by reducing the double-digit calculation you can always get more information by looking at each of the two single digits that were added together to reduce, or create the single-digit number.

Look at a sample double-digit Life Path from our Professional Numerology Reading.

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