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Start with your Life Path (life purpose) report, or Destiny number. Continue through to your compatibility, or compare last year to this year with our Numerology New Year Forecast. All of the readings below are free for you to sample...

Life Path Number Your Life Path Number (double digit Destiny number) is a double digit calculation of your Life Path using traditional Pythagorean calculation methods. This number indicates which path your should take, the traits that you can use to attain it, and how to follow your path as well as indicating which occupations might be most suitable.
Destiny Your Destiny Number (single digit Life Path) is a shorter (single digit) calculation using a pythagorean calculation. This number indicates your overall destiny, life purpose, and parts of your personality. This reading also includes your Personal Year and next Personal Month forecast.
 Birthday Number  Your Birthday Number reading indicates your emotional and spiritual maturity focus and traits. A great way to double-check your career path!
 Compatibility Beginning, Middle and End qualities of a relationship. Learn how your relationship will go, based on the name of your partner. It works with just first names too.
 New Year Forecast How was last year for you? What will this year be like? Plus your next Personal Month. This reading is invaluable as proof that Numerology is great for pointing out trends in your personal years. See how your previous year went, and then look at the current year.
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