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At The Dreamtime we honour all life. One often misunderstood aspect of humanity, is the celebrity. Why is it so many people make judgements on individuals they have never met based on the junk published in tabloids and other exploitive media?

We have provided these celebrity readings in the hope of giving some insight into the inner workings of these individuals. To let you see how these people have utilized certain strengths to get where they are today. Maybe if we understand some of the challenges that they face on their journey we can learn that everyone has the potential to "shine" as they travel the road of life.

The best thing each of us can do is to know ourselves as deeply as possible. When we are focussed on striving to reach our own potential, there will be no time for criticising people whose journey has taken them into the public eye.

Locate your favorite celebrity below

Alanis Morrisette 

Alanis is a 10 numerologically

Alec Baldwin

Alec is a number 3

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano is a 5 numerologically, indicating independence.

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas, a 7

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold is a 4, showing strong willpower.

Bob Dylan

Hope he's feeling better! An 8 - originality of course

Brad Pitt

Hmmm, another number 4

Cindy Crawford

She looks good and she's a number 8

Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer another independent #5

David Duchovny

David Duchovny, a hard working number 4

Demi Moore

Wow - a 7, one of the few celebs with it, indicates searcher/seeker for truth.

Elvis Presley

Long Live the King, a number 9: compassion & idealism

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson a 5 again (independent)

Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt a number 8.

Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid is entertaining and she's a 8: a natural leader and manager

James Dean

James Dean who else! A number 6: compassion/service to others.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude is an 8 too.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston a master number 11

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly another number 5!

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy, Hmm, and she's a Master Number 22!

John Lennon

John Lennon, Give Peace a Chance! I miss him. Number 6.

Julia Louis Dreyfus

Julia Louis Dreyfus, wow, another 22!

Kate Jackson

Kate Jackson! A smart number 7: interested in the mystical!

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is a hard working #4

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe a candle in the wind, a number 7.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is a hard working 4

Patricia Ford

Patricia is a 9

Princess Diana

The Princess is a Foundational 7, indicating her great need to search and seek for the truth. Also noteworthy is her 11 Soul Urge, her 9 Outer expression and her Facet of Emotional Awareness. All of these seem to describe her perfectly!

Richard Gere

Richard Gere, a number 8 (passionate for hard work/sucess).

Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna Arquette is a 6.

Woody Allen

Woody's a Master Number 22.

Yasmine Bleeth

Yasmine a number 8.
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