AstroTalk Natal Astrology Reading Promo TEST /AstroTalk-Natal-Astrology-Reading-Promo-TEST.html Astro*Talk #1 Best Selling Astrology Natal Chart. Do you know your Burn Rate? Get to the bottom of the real you, find out how quickly and when things change. astrotalk astrology reading birth astrology report sunshop-template // trustlogo https //www thedreamtime com/images/comodo_sa_100x85_white png , sc5 , none function closeiframe { parent document getelementbyid divbottomright style display= none } - close - professional natal astrology reading & forecast discover all that astrology has to reveal to you this reading will cover every detail of your natural personality and qualities that make you unique all zodiac positions of your natal planets, in both zodiac signs and astrological houses, *plus aspects between all planetary pairs - not often covered by other readings all is discussed for you, in your personal astro*talk astrology report along with your private burn rate this personal reading covering nearly 35 pages even provides an overall major life period forecast, right up to the current day and gives you a powerful look at your major transits happening now don t forget your exclusive and individual burn rate and you will quickly see when it may be best to do something, and why it s important to follow through at that time your burn rate measures how fast you change to your desires, and includes how your planetary alignments affect major changes in your life click here to - view full sample of a astro*talk reading, 136k can you see why astro*talk is one of our astrology best sellers you really have to see your own personal reading, and find yourself saying ahah, that s why , to get the full power of having your personal traits strengths, weaknesses, desires and wishes along with an overview forecast as well as your burn rate all in one report this one report will have you on the edge of your seat - literally, with your personal details on love, career, your desires and what motivates you to your life purpose and then follows it up with a forecast of your major life events coming up for you - it s something you have to see to believe here s your astro*talk astrology reading - special offer - for previous website visitors only first 50 visitors, order now just click the add to cart button below * get your astro*talk natal astrology report * the reading has strongly guided me toward my true inner wisdom, talents and strengths the questions you ask throughout the reading have strongly guided me toward my true inner wisdom, talents and strengths the overall tone reflects on the positiveness we all have which automatically transforms bad habits and negative attitudes --yulan l queensland, australia absolutely marvelous, very insightful and helpful i loved the readings you sent me they were absolutely marvelous, very insightful and helpful you now have a client for life bravo --pina m new york, usa i understand that my investment of only $37 00 $18 50 --> special limited offer, first 50 orders - order now to receive this price is completely protected by your unconditional guarantee, and that i can keep my personal reading, and your free bonus lunar return reading see below at no charge my promise an unconditional money-back guarantee --> if you want to order, i insist you do so entirely at my risk that is why the reading comes with a no risk, 100% unconditional one year money-back guarantee there is absolutely no risk on your part with my one year 100% money-back guarantee if i’m dissatisfied for any reason -- you will refund my entire payment and i can keep my reading, and the free bonus for my trouble so no matter what i come out ahead *note your personal reading details birth date, birth time, and birth place will be entered on the checkout pages in the dreamshop this is to help you speed up your checkout process when ordering again, if you save your account information click send my reading info now button below to get started order type astrotalk reading $97 00 $37 00 $18 50 one time offer promotion code leave blank if you do not have one click once & wait 5 secs to load new - paypal payment available no credit card required, or use standard credit card if you wish it is amazing to see how accurate this is thank you very much for the readings i didn´t expect them so soon so this was a wonderful surprise it is amazing to see how accurate this is, absolutely incredible --frida j iceland i was very much amazed at the accuracy i am extremely impressed with your interpretations, you are very talented at what you do i was very much amazed at the accuracy and i love the exercises you include for people to try to understand what all their gifts and traits mean to them and how better to integrate their understanding of themselves one more thing i noticed about your work, is the way you use potential but leave it open ended i am really impressed by that --wendy c seattle, usa free bonuses keep this personal lunar return reading as a bonus - bonus - yours free - personal lunar return reading - bonus #1 a $27 value remember, that if you order by , i will also include your own personal lunar return reading this reading is an additional 25-30 pages in length it returns the moon your emotional planet to your original place in your birth chart from the current month, and gives you a fascinating forecast reading based on the position of the moon and node to your planets, houses, ascendant, midheaven as well as many extras discover your emotional nature for the coming month with incredible detail as you look at the daily events included with this reading several may be listed for each day you will also be fascinated by the descriptions provided for each angle to your lunar return configuration you ll just love having this unique lunar reading as an additional insight into your emotional nature during the month ahead this reading is normally sold for $27 00, but it is yours to keep free for ordering - bonus #2 - yours free - in pdf format readable on any computer - bonus #2 a $10 value i will also include my new ebook - exploring your true life purpose this book gives you complete information on how you can determine and write your personal life purpose statement it helps you *find and determine* your true life purpose by the end of this book you will have an exact idea of what you should be pursuing in this lifetime and what matters most to you - bonus #3 - yours free - 136 pages in pdf format readable on any computer - bonus #3 a $20 value i will also include my new ebook - discover your life path 136 pages this book provides you with detailed information on *every* numerology life path that can be calculated - calculate the life path of your friends/relatives using the easy blank forms included the book also includes over 3,000 life paths of famous people you ll hold a secret that others don t have with this great book special note your personal reading is delivered online within 48 hours except for weekends/holidays when processing time may be a little longer - 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