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Why Astrology works...

Being one of the very first sciences (along with Numerology), let's take a moment to reflect on why Astrology works, since many people seem to dispute the fact! Before we begin, I would like to mention that one of the proofs for me that Astrology works was a report of a man who does stock market analysis by using only Astrological interpretation. He apparently does very well at it, and is in the top FIVE (successful return rates) for all stock market analysts. I will list his name, and perhaps even his website if he has one here in the near future, after I watch the program again that showed him and spoke a little about his interpretations.

There seems to be a direct affect of the stars on our own planet, and certainly even things like solar flares which take place quite regularly are responsible for a great amount of electrical disruption here on Earth. As the Sun holds affect on our planet, so too does the Moon by directly influencing the tides or our oceans and the mental and personality traits of humans and other animals (hence the term 'lunatic' from the Roman 'Luna' - Moon). It has been proven by scientists and psychiatrists that the actions of people are more erratic and 'crazed' during times of full moons: the old Werewolf stories seem to hold a grain of truth. Magnetic and electric forces vary in their spirituality like everything else in the universe, and so the effects of the planets vary in their intensity and in their nature.

CASE STUDY - The Mars Effect

Michel Gauquelin a French Psychologist began studies in 1949 to disprove astrology. He succeeded to some degree, however he also found that of the 576 French physicians that he studied most of them were born within the two hours of the rise and culmination of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. His findings were replicated by many other researchers and because of this the scientific community formed CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) in New York. CSICOP tried to disprove Gauquelin's work, however a scandal followed when the committee was accused of falsifying data by a former member of the group!

Gauquelin further found through additional studies that the Mars effect was prominent in the charts of super achievers in other professions as well. He came to a conclusion that the planets did not directly influence a person, BUT, that there was some sort of cosmic biology at work that was somehow linked to genetic heredity too. He also found that many children are often born with the same Sun, Moon, or rising sign as a parent. The effect on the child is doubled if both parents share the same sign/planet and Guaquelin later theorized that the unborn child may be reacting to the cosmic influences of the planets when it chooses it's moment of birth!

Early Astrology was based on observation; when telescopes were not available, direct eye contact was assisted by the building of towers and pyramids which brought the viewer closer to the sky for enhanced viewing. This early Astrology was considered a science, and it was proven even then that the patterns and movements of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn followed a regular pattern. The angular relationships between the planets was also shown to be important. The discovery of the telescope allowed three more planets to be discovered, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and these planets were also shown to have an effect on the Earth, though even today we place more emphasis on those planets which are closer to us from the Sun through to Jupiter.

The constellations and star patterns which make up astrological interpretation are both objective and subjective in their symbolic interpretation. The reality of this world is created by universal and archetypal symbols (see CG Jung who also believed in the value of Astrology), which make themselves known through our own subjective reality. Astrology then uses the same facts of Astronomy (Astrology was once the only term used until scientists wanted to debunk it and renamed it), but it applies a symbolic dimension to the interpretation which is not readily available to scientific study. These symbols were created many centuries ago by the ancient people who studied the powers and effects of the planets and star systems on our own bodies and the Earth. There are definite measurable magnetic and gravitational effects that can be felt from each of the planets, especially those which are larger and closer to us such as Jupiter, however the symbolic qualities of the planets are more intuitive in nature and not always so readily understood.

So as we can see that the true scientific effects are measurable, the symbolic interpretive effects are not so easy to define. It must be stated clearly though that the symbolic symbols also seem to be measurable to some extent (see the case study above about Mars), and that even though the astrological chart can be used to create a map of your potential destiny, this map is NOT a map that is set in stone, or one that will even be followed by you throughout this lifetime - though you might accomplish more of what you set out to do on the planet if you did follow it, much in the same way as the Life Path number in Numerology.

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