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To receive/print your own FREE Astrology chart enter your date, time and city of birth below and click the red 'Next' button, continue by following the instructions underneath the chart:
*Note: After clicking the 'Next' button, if your Chart does not show up, select your correct city from the selection box and then click the red 'Next' button again.


  • Wait a few secs for your chart to be created.
  • If you want additional House/Sign/Planet Information (after your chart is displayed) *scroll down with the 'scroll-bar' along the right of the page (inside the page) and in the Display Options section choose 'Display List of Aspects and Positions of Planets' option and click 'Refresh' button.
    *note: the scroll bar only appears AFTER you have clicked Next and displayed your chart.
  • Right-Click near your chart and choose This Frame, then choose Print Frame.
  • Select Your Printer and click 'Ok' to begin printing.
You are done!


Now press the <Back to where you came from> button below to go back to the previous page for more interpretation!


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