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Zodiac Signs

Astrology zodiac signs represent the annual revolution of the Earth around the Sun which is divided into the 360 degrees of a circle, a division that is accepted mathematically and astronomically as a universal fundamental. The subdivision of the circle into 12 equal 30 degree arcs, distinguished by names (which came from the constellations which appeared in the night sky at the time) are known as the "Signs of the Zodiac". The signs originally were symbolically assigned their specific traits based on the constellations of the same names which appeared in the night sky at that time of the year, however now, those traits are more relative to the vast number of astrologers and successful interpreters who refined the Signs over time.

The signs were originally divided into 18 irregular signs by the Babylonians (who studied the natal charts of all children born among them for a period greater than 1,000 years) however, a neat division of 12 sections (30 degrees each) was soon incorporated (for more accurate interpretation) by the time that Christ was born. The Signs themselves each came to be defined as holding specific traits that were related to the patterns of the constellations seen in the night sky during the times when each sign is said to be 'rising'. Each constellation 'rises' for a general period of 29-31 days each before passing on to the next sign.

The names of the twelve tribes of Israel translated from the Hebrew are the names of the twelve Zodiacal Signs!

We will list below the Signs (in order of their appearance in the night sky beginning with the Spring equinox) and note the qualities as they are known to influence an astrological/numerological chart: 

Zodiacal Sign


Qualities and Traits


Aries Sign

March 21 - April 20
Courage, impetuosity, energy

Numerology: #5

Outgoing, and me-first, the sign of Aries lends itself to enthusiasm, selfishness and competition. astrology sign for aries
Enthusiastic leaders, the Arian may also be impulsive and impatient as they go about completing their goals. They do not lack courage, but this means that at times they may be blunt and tactless (they need to learn to consider others more). They may be selfish, and they are usually quite child-like, open and honest in their communication with others. Usually very good at starting and finishing a project, but they may overlook (or find little value) in details which may be important.

Positive tendencies: Powerful, strong, courageous, energetic.
Negative tendencies: Selfishness, over-demanding and assertive. Overlook depth of things.

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Taurus Sign

April 21 - May 20
Patience, persistence, obstinacy.

Numerology: #4

Patient, pleasant and slow to get angry. Placid and determined, a dislike of change. taurus zodiac symbol
Taureans need a steady routine in life. They are stable and secure and usually patient. They have a strong desire for emotional security in their relationships and they also have a deep need for material security too. They have a strong determination and sometimes they may be obstinate and refuse to move toward anything that involves change.

Positive tendencies: Patient, stable, secure.
Negative tendencies: Selfish and over-bearing rule makers. Tight with money.

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Gemini Sign

May 21-June 20
Progressive, clever, adaptable.

Numerology: #3

Mentally alert and curious. Love of trying new things. gemini zodiac symbol
Adaptable, versatile and chatty with others. Gemini makes an interesting companion. They are mentally alert and curious - true seekers of knowledge often for the sake of knowledge itself. They may get bored easily as they have a need for constant stimulation. They prefer short journeys and can be impulsive when buying things.

Positive tendencies: Adaptable, quick witted, communicative.
Negative tendencies: Bored easily, changeable and superficial.

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Cancer Sign

June 21-July 22
Inspired, sensitive, evasive.

Numerology: #2 and #0 (symbolically)

Sensitive and emotional, a home and family builder. cancer zodiac sign
Very sensitive, emotional, they tend to shut themselves away from reality. Basically kind and caring, they may become self-centered without noticing it. They desire total security and a home life that is like a castle (excluding the outside world). They hold grudges for a long time and may take offence easily.

Positive tendencies: Emotional, caring, sensitive, imaginative, intuitive.
Negative tendencies: Isolated and alone, worried frequently, dwelling in the past, vacillating.

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Leo Sign

July 23-August 22
Dignity, powerful, a deep mind, pretentious

Numerology: #1

Powerful and also sensitive. Creative and determined. leo astrological sign symbol
The Leo is a powerful and expressive person who loves to rule and be creative. They must always be expressing themselves creatively or they will suffer. They are emotional and enthusiastic, sometimes stubborn and haughty, and also determined. If Leo is the rising sign look out for bossiness and an over bearing attitude towards a spouse or partner.

Positive tendencies: Enthusiastic, Powerful, Vigorous and Predominant.
Negative tendencies: Arrogant, overbearing, dogmatic, intolerant, bossy.

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Virgo Sign

August 23-September 22
Reasoning, logical and exact. Pedantic.

Numerology: #12

Perfectionists, creative, discriminating. virgo astrology sign
Practical and efficient at what they do, Virgo's may live for their work. They have a strong sense of duty and responsibility that make them well fitted for management positions, yet they may be severe when judging others. They may need to work on tolerance. They may be unforgiving to themselves if a personal failure occurs and this must be guarded against too. They are quite serious and their lack of humor could lead them to a life of isolation.

Positive tendencies:Practical, logical, efficient,
Negative tendencies:Fussy, worry-wart, overcritical, conservative.

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Libra Sign

September 23-October 22
Harmony, evaluation, trivialities.

Numerology: #11

Sympathetic, romantic, easygoing and sociable. libra zodiac sign
The Libran functions best in a partnership and they often lack the motivation or patience required to work alone. They are objective and impartial, capable of working outside of a situation if it is required. Though they require a 'balance' and harmony in their life in order to be happy.

Positive tendencies: Diplomatic, romantic, idealistic, peaceful
Negative tendencies: Indecisive, gullible, flirtatious and self-indulgent.

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Scorpio Sign

October 23-November 22
Profound, insistent, rough

Numerology: #10

Determined, forceful, emotional, powerful and passionate. sign of scorpio zodiac symbol

Scorpions usually have magnetic personalities, and are very difficult to ignore. They are intensely emotional, and often times they suppress their true feelings, but eventually they will explode in anger. They have a strong sense of purpose and principles which they work to uphold and they can be quite jealous and possessive even in casual relationships, yet their aura of mystery also makes them attractive to others.

Positive tendencies: Determined, forceful, emotional, exciting and magnetic.
Negative tendencies: Jealous and resentful, compulsive/obsessive, secretive and obstinate.

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Sagittarius Sign

November 23-December 21
Justice, propriety, sophistication

Numerology: #9

Optimistic, jovial, honest and intellectual. Philosophical and a lover of challenges. sagittarius astrology sign
The Archer
They are generally cheerful, and highly energetic, even athletic. They love their own freedom and liberty, and they may be inclined to travel frequently, as it is hard to tie them down. While they love philosophic discussion and intellectual pursuits, they may ignore details as they overlook the finer aspects of some things. They are honest and outspoken, usually with a large circle of friends.

Positive tendencies: Optimistic, Freedom lover, happy, honest, intelligent and smart.
Negative tendencies: Over-optimistic, careless, irresponsible, superficial, tactless and restless.

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Capricorn Sign

December 22-January 20
Independent, abstract, stubborn

Numerology: #8

Practical, prudent, patient, ambitious, pessimistic and sometimes overconventional. capricorn astrology sign
They are practical and hard-working, generally aiming for the top. They may be 'self-made' rather than born to a high position or status. Sometimes they can be cold and calculating in relationships, they may marry for position, but they like to protect their public image. They usually are always good at laughing at themselves even though they may have a dry sense of humor.

Positive tendencies: Practical, prudent, ambitious, disciplined, patient and careful.
Negative tendencies: Pessimistic, fatalistic, grudge holding, too conventional, rigid.

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Aquarius Sign

January 21-February 18
Spirituality, conviction, illusion

Numerology: #7

Independent, friendly, honest, loyal, and original. aquarius horoscope symbol
Water Bearer
Highly independent and yet with some need to share with others Aquarians may be hard to figure out. They tend to blow hot/cold in relationships, and they often function best in groups of people when they can also keep their distance. They are quite rebellious and with a strong need for originality and control, as they like to live by their own rules.

Positive tendencies: Honest, intellectual, original, idealistic, humanitarian.
Negative tendencies: Contrary, unpredictable, unemotional and detached.

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Pisces Sign

February 19-March 20
Compassionate, tolerant and indolent.

Numerology: #6

Sensitive, imaginative, selfless and intuitive, with an ethereal charm. pisces astrology sign
They are often easily persuaded by others and will accept anything for a quiet life. They will tolerate bad treatment from others as they are always ready to accept others. They may be too intent on pleasing others and this can cause problems. They are very intuitive and they make great friends. They may be too busy using their energy helping their family and friends

Positive tendencies: Imaginative, sensitive, compassionate and kind, selfless and sympathetic. Intuitive.
Negative tendencies: Escapist, idealistic, secretive and vague, weak-willed and easily led.

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