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Astrology Report for Kids, Children, Teens, Baby, Babies, or yourself (Inner Child)

This reading covers your Child's (your Inner Child's) Astrological makeup, and was written especially for parents and adults trying to understand a child, or for yourself - for your Inner Child....

I've found it works just *GREAT* for learning about yourself with amazing clarity. I searched far and wide for the very best 'Child Report' that is both Advanced, as well as easy to read for everyone. You can read more about this reading and see a full sample at this page: Child, or Childrens Astrology Reading

Here are some of the incredible benefits of the ChildStar Astrology Report
(*REMEMBER* each reference to Child below could be your own Inner Child)

* Identity recognizing the Child's greatest strengths, and challenges (is your Child, Inner Child, a 'trendsetter' or an 'organizer')

* Emotional Needs how are they related to your Child's, Inner Child's acceptance of family (does your Child, Inner Child need acceptance, or freedom in this regard?)

* Your Child's Family and Nurturing Experiences full explanations of how your Child wishes to be nurtured (is it the mother, or the father's attention that matters most, and why?)

* Your Child's Real Thoughts, Ideas and Thinking details about how and why your Child thinks (are they mentally (challenging, or afraid to tell the truth?)

* Appreciation and Beauty are emotions, or thinking more important for your Child (is your Child, Inner Child sensitive, or impressionable?)

* Specific Ideas for Teaching and Disciplining your Child (what type of nurturing is best, what should be discussed, or when should you look the other way?)

* Your Child's Personality how their thoughts and ideas are formed (are they argumentative by nature, or a great mediator?)

* Career Insights powerful career and occupational ideas regarding your Child (Inner Child) (are they scientifically driven, humanitarian, or artistic?)

* Responsibility and Authority how family and adults affect your Child, Inner Child (does your Child (Inner Child) have respect for authority figures?)

Written by a Montessori school teacher with 10 years of teaching experience and 23 years of astrological study, this new reading is written for Children or your own Inner Child.

Either a Child or your own Inner Child (which is where I found it valuable), for sons, daughters or new Babies.

The Child*Star reading gives you a look 'inside' of the person, and the potential of what they can be. It illuminates the abilities and talents that may not normally show up in any other astrology report. To see a sample of this report Teen, Babies Child Astrology Report

It provides an unbiased perspective on all of the unique characteristics that drive and motivate your Child (or your own Inner Child). More importantly it gives you a clear understanding of how you can best teach, nurture and develop those characteristics that may enhance your child's progress towards maturity and understanding.

Get it for your own Inner Child, or for a child in your life, or of someone you know. You will certainly be astounded by the details.

This incredible children's astrology reading may help you instantly understand your child, or come to a realization of your own 'inner child'. All of the strengths, weaknesses, and incredible talent that are within will soon come to the forefront when you read Child*Star. It has been added to our Astrology Section, at The DreamShop. For more info visit this page: Newborn Baby Astrology Report

Nearly 50 pages of detailed analysis and descriptions of planets, houses, talents and challenges that may be faced as well as an overview of the major life periods, this readng is excellent for newborns, babies, and small children up to young teens. Child*Star Astrology Report it is the most detailed locational Astrology reading available and it will provide details that describe accurately and succintly for you.

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