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Cancer Sign of Zodiac - June 22 - July 21

This sign has a strong need to protect themselves and their family. They are extremely kind and loving beneath their surface which may appear as too strict and worried to really care. They may be quite nervous and high strung, but this also comes with a deep emotional intuition that serves them well.

Take a look below for how each planet in this sign is interpreted when reading an astrological chart:   


(principles in a reading)


Read the text below for the Planet you are looking up with this Sign, note that the Sun sign is always shown first, and that this planet indicates the "sign" that most people refer to when asking 'what's your sign'. But to get an even deeper interpretation it is necessary to plot ALL of the planets in the chart, and read each planets interpretation according to which sign (and house) they fall in to.


Highly sensitive and very emotional this person may have to hide away from society and reality to be able to get along. Basically they are kind and caring, and their self-centered outward appearance may be because they desire a total security for them to feel most comfortable. Their home is the most important thing for them and they may hold a grudge for very long periods if you make them mad. They are sensitive and also may be hurt by others very easily, especially emotionally.


The Moon in Cancer indicates very strong family ties, often accompanied by a mothering capacity that may be overblown. They may tend to collect dependents in the family as they try to win them over. Often these people are very openly affectionate, but they need to have their love reciprocated and given back to. They truly enjoy looking after someone else. They are sensitive, intuitive, and they may be moody with doubtful feelings of inadequacy as they are often extremely sensitive.


(Mind, intellect)
Feelings are more important then facts for these people who find it difficult to view life objectively. Any criticism is taken at a deep personal level because of their own lack of self-confidence. They may have an almost photographic memory which helps them through their studies and they can usually surprise others with their scholarly achievements. They are highly perceptive, good at resolving problems and their sympathetic attitude usually makes them popular, especially among their closest friends and family members.


(Love, affection)
These individuals are often very domesticated lovers of their own home. They have a distinct desire for love and marriage and all of the responsibility that a family life brings along with it. They do however need the support of their family to feel truly fulfilled. When they feel unloved, they can be jealous and even possessive of others, holding on to outworn relationships with a tenacity that is sometimes resented. They may be easily hurt and they need constant proof of being loved. Their home is a refuge from the outside world and usually is well kept, warm and comfortable.


(Physical energy)
Strong individualistic (with deep feelings) and bent on keeping a house that is well respected, Mars in Cancer can indicate an extreme desire to attack housework, especially if it is to counteract a negative mood. If their environment is full of problems, they may worry constantly, yet they are reluctant to bring anything out in the open and this may affect their health. They may be thoughtless with their remarks, and they hold strong feelings and grudges, sometimes forever, but overall they still defend their own close friends and relatives with a superior protective attitude.


(Expansion, growth)
A strong sense of community exists in these individuals who have an awareness of the needs of others that may lead them to work for anyone in need that they come across. They are warmly hospitable and sentimental when it comes to the past, where they often search for deeper knowledge and understanding. They love large formal occasions and they are quite good at entertaining others and arranging any type of party or get together. They prefer to be part of a family business if they can, but overall they can succeed in any environment.


(Limitation, control)
These people may have a tendency to dwell on problems for a long time, especially if they involve love, or emotional attachment to their family. They may seek out a proof of love from others as a way of feeling secure with their own feelings which are sensitive and easily hurt. Some of those with Saturn in this sign may try to cut themselves off from home life in order to convince themselves that they can survive without anyone, when really their strong needs are even more pronounced then most. These individuals may be incredibly efficient and adept at business.


Conflicts may occur over family responsibility for these people. They cannot seem to get their own responsibility separated from their personal freedom, and much chaos and pain may result until this issue is overcome. Many with Uranus in Cancer may have come from broken families, especially early in life, and sometimes this may create an unconventional attitude within them regarding domestic bliss, which they strive to achieved. They love to fill their homes with many material objects which they sometimes may be reluctant to give up.


Domesticity and family life is the ultimate dream for these people who may find it hard to look beyond this narrow vision that they have. The world outside may be scary to them, and their strong feelings and intuitive sense may only help them feel safe within a family environment. They may be known for their amazing psychic senses which are developed beyond those of most others. Deep inside they are very caring individuals who will quickly sacrifice their own desire to help someone else.


(Physical energy)
These people need to have control in their lives, and especially in relationships which may be rather difficult for them. They do not like outside interference in their affairs and it may take them a long time to accept any comments or suggestions from others, especially if they refer to relationships and understanding others. They are usually very subjective and they will seek out answers at a deep subconscious level. If they are successful though, their powerful and explosive feelings may be out of control around others. Once they make up their minds they never usually regret their decisions, regardless of the circumstances or consequences.
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