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Using Astro*Talk to Discover Your Identity

There is a new Astrology Reading that I know you'll find provides you with an amazing array of Astrological Power - the kind that will give you a real boost in the coming year!

It will tell you exactly who you, or anyone else is!

Astro*Talk contains over 25 pages of personal detailed information in ten different chapters that will Really Help.

Here are some of the benefits of the Astro*Talk Astrology Report

* Discover your identity. Where you draw your strength from, and who you work best with.


* Understand your career motivations and what is driving them. This is a big one. Learn which career is best for you, and how to take advantage of it.

* Your Insights, Ideals, Imagination and Inner Change. How these create your overall personality.

* Explore your focus points, your life challenges and your talents and abilities.

* Find the Major Life Period that you are currently in. Your situation and how it's related to your emotions and personality.

* Learn your Burn Rate, this is really cool, it tells you how likely you are to go through change in your life in specific areas of your life.

* Major Transits that are happening Now in your life. These 2-3 pages cover the major events about to arise in the next 1-2 years, valuable, and well written.

At the end of the report !fname, you'll find you're own personal handbook for understanding Astrology: Notes on Astrological Terms which gives a concise rundown of Astrology and what makes it work.

Planets, Signs, Houses, and Aspects, Elements and Modalities are all covered, even the 'Esoteric' meanings.

I love this supplement, it's 15 pages and Freee with your Astro*Talk reading. Your reading and supplement will total over 40 pages.

This power packed reading has been added to our Astrology Section, at The DreamShop. For more info visit this page: AstroTalk Astrology Reading

This reading is a great combination of your natal (birth) astrology details (one of the deepest and most detailed natal readings available) and a forecast: a quick rundown of your current 'Major Transits'. This reading will pinpoint the major area you should focus on now, and provide you with the details to learn everything about yourself and why you are that way. This reading is both fascinating and well-suited to those just beginning to learn Astrology, or those without any knowledge. Astro*Talk Reading it is the most detailed locational Astrology reading available and it will provide details that describe accurately and succintly for you.

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