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Determining Astrological Compatibility

romantic couple holding handsIn modern Astrology, comptability questions are always the first to be asked. I guess that says something for the state of modern romance. That also says something for the capabilities of Astrological forecasting. You should be aware that there are several ways to calculate comptability - some are more accurate than others.

To get to the 'heart' of the matter, you may want to choose several methods ot get an idea of the deeper levels of your compatibility. That way you will be able to measure your compatibility now, and throughout time into the future, to see if it will be likely that you will remain compatible in the future as well.


Consider using all of the methods, and readings discussed below as each one may provide you with a fresh new perspective on your relationship and love for each other. The romantic side of love can be fickle, and so it is best to look at things in many different ways to guage your true compatability with each other.

Consult our Astrological compatibility pages below:

  • Professional Astrology Compatibility Readings
    Consider having an interpreted compatability astrology reading prepared for you and your partner. A composite chart will combine each of your charts together into one synthesized relationship chart to give you a detailed view of your partnership. A compatibility comparison chart will look at each of your astrology charts together comparing the compatible (and incompatible) aspects of the planets, signs and houses in both charts to determine your overall compatibility.
  • Moon signs only, this method uses the Moon signs to get a true 'feeling' approach to the compatibility (more accurate then Sun Signs only, but not as accurate as above method which uses full charts). Also, you must know the Moon signs of those you wish to check compatibility for.
    (If you don't know the Moon Sign of someone, but you know their birthday, visit this page to get a free Moon sign reading.)


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