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Locational Astrology Report - Find out Exactly where you Belong

Location, location, location. You've heard it before, but in Astrology - it's very important. You are aware that where you choose to locate yourself (town, city, country) mean a lot in Astrology.

AstroCartoGraphy (or Astro*Carto*Graphy, ACG) is a fascinating in it's use of the technique of plotting the planetary locations at the time of your birth on a geographical map. You can read more about this reading and see a full sample at this page: AstroCartoGraphy - Locational Place - Astrology Reading

Written by the late Jim Lewis, the person who pioneered this technology, it describes your natal Astrological Influences based on your current location... or any location... where you might like to live, or have lived...

These are permanent factors that you will carry through your entire life!

Geographical place AstroCartoGraphy reading reveals what you may expect, best places to live, work or to find love

Working with your influences, Jim Lewis refined them to include possible contacts with your planetary influences of both transit and the progressed positions of your planets.

Jim understood that you can't just relocate to a new place on the planet because your influences are favorable there.

What he did was broadened the techniques to include more influences, and he went on to evaluate your influences in dealing with people, or businesses from your current location - amazing.

This is the kind of powerful information you need!

For more details on this reading check out: Astro*Carto*Graphy Reading

This reading is perfect at helping you realize the powerful factors that will influence and may determine your luck, experiences and relationships... where you are living now.... or where you may want to live...

Here are some of the benefits of AstroCartoGraphy Explained
Visit or live? Is this a place that I should visit, or should I consider living there?

Relationships Is this a place where romance will be good?

Business/Work How will my business environment change when I get there?

Differences... Are there differences about how I relate to men and/or women in this place?

Your Best Opportunity? If I have to go there, how can I make the most of it?

Other People How do other people living there affect me, even if I do not live there?

Your Current Influences there What are my current influences there, and how long do they last?

This powerful and detailed reading is being added to our Astrology Section at The DreamShop. Written by a Jim Lewis, the foremost pioneer in Astro*Carto*Graphy, he honed his skills and went as deep as he could with this fascinating locational reading.

Use this reading to gauge the Astrological Influences of any location: your current home, vacation spot, relocation potential, or anywhere else....

The Astro*Carto*Graphy Explained reading recognizes the differences between Men and Women, as well as Individualists and Authoritarians. It's sensitive to all experiences and backgrounds, giving you precise information.

It provides you with the details that may help you solve the challenges wherever you are. So, whether your boss may be relocating you, you’re looking for a new place to change your luck, or just have your eye on a potential vacation spot, this reading will help you determine what may, or may not happen there.

Check out the landscape before you arrive so that you can hit the ground running, the moment you get there. More importantly it gives you a clear understanding of what you can do once you get there, how you may be influenced by others, by your emotions, and everything else...

This detailed reading has been added to our Astrology Section, at The DreamShop. For more info visit this page: Locational Astrology Reading

This reading has your 'location' and will describe any spot on planet Earth where you may be considering visiting, moving to, or where you currently live. Astrology Place Report it is the most detailed locational Astrology reading available and it will provide details that describe accurately and succintly for you.

Brett Simpson - Astrologer / Numerologist

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