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Asteroids Astrology Report reveals Impact of Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Pallas, and Athena

It's the subtle issues which are usually not included in most Astrology readings, but with an Asteroid report written just for you, you'll learn just what you've been missing. You have to admit, sometimes after you finish a reading you wish there were more, I know I do.

Asteroids - has all of your deep and subtle issues covered, the really important ones too. Why? Because, it is written based on your personal Asteroids in your Astrological chart... You can read more about this reading and see a full sample at this page:  Asteroids Astrology Reading

Asteroid Astrology Reading may tell you how to be more nurturing, healing, sexual, and creative?

Asteroids in your natal Astrology chart can influence these things

  • What you really care about in life
  • Expressions of Sexuality
  • Creativity and problem solving ability
  • Healing your wounds (as a mentor/healer)
  • Personal Committed Relationships

I've read enough readings to know that everything can NOT be covered with a standard Natal Reading - that is where Asteroids comes in. When you read it, you'll discover what the real *Issues are in your life, and...

What to do about them....

This reading is brilliant at exposing your deepest and most pressing emotional needs issues, and helping you solve them, once and for all! It was so good, that I made a list of powerful and positive traits that I keep right next to me, every day.

And you should too.

Read what Viniita Hutchinson has to say about the Asteroids in your Chart and their relationships to your other planets. This reading covers the *4 Goddesses*: Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Pallas Athena which were discovered in the 1800's and finally talked about astrologically at the birth of the Women's Movement. Details about one of the most important Centaur planets (not an asteroid as many believe).

Together the four of them, along with Chiron, provide powerful, intuitive insights into your own ability to heal others, nurture, and care for those close to you. Together with Chiron, they represent the peak of Feminine Empowerment and Creativity...

All Modern Relationships depend on the traits laid out in the Asteroids Reading....

If you are in a Relationship, or learning about yourself (or someone else) and how you operate in one: YOU NEED THIS Report! If you are NOT in a Relationship, but hoping to be, you'll find valuable insights in this reading...

It is Powerful, Accurate, and Positive!

This is the kind of subtle and powerful information that may change your life, and has changed mine!

You can get more info and order your own reading at this page: Asteroids Reading

This reading will reveal aspects, transcendent properties, and goddess myths... It reveals subtle strengths for your career and creative energies, your commitment to others, love, sex, and spiritual fulfillment goals (I know that may sound like a dichotomy), but Asteroids *IS* the subtle piece in your Astrological Puzzle...

It brings all of the Goddesses of the asteroid belt together with Chiron.

Chiron (not an asteroid, but a centaur planet): known as The Healer of Wounds - will reveal your mentoring and conflict dynamics like you have never seen. Your inner-self, healer, and sensitive side will find you, and teach you how to heal yourself...

This reading gave me deep, spiritual, emotional, and absolutely amazing insights into myself!
It really fills in, all of the other 'little issues' that you know can only be identified by the Asteroids - in your own chart...

Here's what you may find in this deep and transforming Astrological Report

  • Your Wounds and How To Heal Them (how you encounter mentor figures and learn from them to heal yourself.)
  • Sexual Fulfillment
    How do you express yourself sexually? How you can find sexual fulfillment.
  • Healing Experiences
    (Learn how you may challenge yourself, and how you accept help and healing from those around you.)
  • Avoid Conflict
    Discover what drives you toward conflict, and how to avoid it.
  • Self-Identity
    Your deep inner self, how you identify with it, and what it means for your growth.
  • Achieving Goals
    How you can learn at the deepest level, to accept guidance and reach your goals.
  • Your Personal Needs
    What are they? Are your needs being met? You'll learn all about them.
  • Self-Confidence
    What you do, and how you can enhance your own self-confidence.
  • Dangerous Attractions?
    Do you have them... and if so, are they destructive? Your inner healer holds the keys...
  • Nurturing
    How you receive it, and how you can best give it to others.
  • Clinging and Separations
    Are they part of your life? How you may learn from them, and move on...
  • Marriage
    How you work in this relationship, and how you can make it work, or enhance your relationship...
  • Finding Balance
    Your inner balancing act, find out how you can achieve the ultimate balance.
  • Mother and Father...
    How each of your parents has affected you, now and as a parent on your own.
  • Sexual Identity
    Balancing your Feminine and Masculine sides.
  • Career Interests
    Find out how your career is guided by your Asteroids.
  • Creative Expression
    How to find more of it, and enhance it, using your unique energy.
  • Intimacy and Personal Freedom
    How you value and react in relationship, and how you value commitment.

This powerful and symbolic reading has been added to our Astrology Section, at The DreamShop. For more info visit this page: Asteroids Reading

Discover the power of your Asteroids and their influence in your own life. You may find your unique personality traits, how you can heal & nurture yourself, and others around you. Find sexual fulfillment, and learn how and why others are in your life (the real reasons)...

This reading is uncanny at describing your intuitive and emotional aspects..... Asteroids and Chiron Astrology Reading is the absolute best reading available for getting to the bottom of your true self - learn more about you, and about others that you interact with...  

Brett Simpson - Astrologer / Numerologist

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