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affiliate commission moneyWould you like to refer others to Astrology Readings, Tarot Readings or Numerology Readings and earn a nice commission for doing it? We pay commissions directly to your PayPal account, or we can issue you Gift Certificate credit in The DreamShop. Here's your chance to earn referral commissions for everyone you refer to who purchases a reading. Read this page for all of the details and get started today.

Our readings have become famous around the world as the best you can find anywhere. Now, you can offer these same readings on your website for a great commission, and get paid every month just for telling others about TheDreamtime readings.

We will provide an Affiliate Blog with training information and videos where we will let you know of recent promotions and offers that you can promote to help you get more sales. Yes, we will work with you and tell you exactly how to draw more traffic, and get more buyers. We will even give you pre-written sales templates that we have proven to generate more sales. Let us market for you, over and over, while you collect the commission.

Do You Own Your Astrology, Numerology or Tarot Website?

Place our promotional images for specific readings directly on your website, and link to us usingastrology websites your Affiliate Link (which you will receive when you signup). Collect a 30% Commission for the Life of the Customer - this is almost unheard of.

We pay you for the life of the customer, and our shopping system lets us track customers for years and years, some customers have spent over $400 when they return to purchase additional readings. You will earn commission on every reading they purchase, even if they only came from your website on the first click!

Do You Want To Refer Friends And Family And Earn Commissions?

 refer a friend to tarot  You can make referrals without a website too. Just use the easy referral link that we give you. If you need a shorter one, use a shortening service (such as, or let us know and we will give you a custom shortened url that will hide your referral information. Send that out to friends, family or anyone you know that may like a reading, and earn a nice 30% commission for every purchase made.

 Here are the benefits of Affiliate Program

 Green Checkmark

High Converting Sales Letters - We do the selling for you with our high quality single page sales letters with sample reading links and testimonials which increase your sales.

 Green Checkmark Amazing 30% Commissions  - You will earn approximately $7.50 up to $29.00 (USD) for every sale you refer (minus paypal fees and conversion fees). Refer just a few sales and make great commissions.
 Green Checkmark Lifetime Customer Tracking - We use the Miva Cart system which lets us track customers coming from your link forever. Yes, this goes beyond Cookie & IP tracking. We do this so that you are assured of getting the commission for every sale.
 Green Checkmark Future Sales Commissions - Our software tracks your referals by customer login so you will earn commissions on future promotions that we send to your referals.
 Green Checkmark  Gift Certificate Payout Available - If you do not have a PayPal account (and don't want one), or you would prefer to earn credit, we can issue your payment as Gift Certificates in The DreamShop. Refer your friends, family or others and earn more readings for yourself every month.

You can get started promoting our astrology readings, numerology readings and tarot readings in just a few minutes. *Please note: if you choose PayPal payment we require that you have a valid PayPal email address because we will pay your commissions to that account on the 4th of every month, for the month prior.

Because we track through our Shopping Cart, there is a two step process required to get started, but it's worth is - as this allows us to pay you for the life of the customer.

To get signed on to TheDreamtime Affiliate program, please complete these two steps:
**Please complete both steps below (step 1, and step 2), both are required, complete step 1, then return to this page and complete step 2 to finish.  

 Step 1. =>
Signup To Become an Affiliate  If you do not yet have an account, you can get signed up quickly. Just click the the link above.

If you do not already have an account then click this link=>'Signup For Affilate Account'  *please use the 'Signup for New Account' link only if you do NOT already have an account, if you do have one, Login to your account.

We will review & approve your account (usually within 24 hours).

*After you create the account, login to the account (using our login page), or by clicking this link=>Login to your account 
 Step 2. =>
Now that you have your account, get started promoting by logging in to your account at this link=>'Login To Your Account': while you are logged in (see step 1). Click the 'Banners/Links' link from your Affiliate Panel (on the left side menu).

We will review & approve your account (usually within 24 hours).

Thank you for your interest and we'll see you on our Affiliate Blog where we can share promotion and conversion strategies to help bring you even more sales.

In order to get paid, you will need a Free account and a Free Account. Note: You will Not get paid commissions unless you have these accounts. allows you to receive cash by email. allows The Dreamtime, to keep proper tax records. These services take a small nominal service fee (published at the site) for the convenience for their service to allow rapid payment. Take the time now to join to ensure you get paid.

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